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I haven’t written many reviews on this blog in the past (in fact I think just one before now). Opportunities have come up but I have been particular about only wanting to try products that I’m truly interested in and match the content of my blog. I hope that being selective will ensure that any reviews I end up doing will be optimally helpful to both of us and keep you from having to read forced reviews of every type of product under the sun.

I recently got the opportunity to review Vega Sport products through my Sweat Pink ambassadorship. I didn’t hesitate to volunteer because I have already been using a few Vega Sport products for several months and have had a really good experience with the brand.

A while ago, I was on the hunt for a decent tasting protein powder with more natural, plant-based, ingredients and bought a big jug of the Vega Sport Performance Protein powder in chocolate. I have been using it since and love it in my smoothies after workouts.

Next, I found myself buying the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator in apple berry flavor the day before my recent Midtown Raleigh 10k. I was sore from a week of workouts and was worried about how much of a struggle the race would be. I was impressed by how good I felt the following morning and, while I’m sure other factors like a solid rest day contributed to my recovery also, I do think the drink sped things up.

Vega Sport Performance Protein in chocolate and Recovery Accelerator in apple berry.

Vega Sport Performance Protein in chocolate and Recovery Accelerator in apple berry.

I had been wanting to try the Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer so that is what I chose for my review. I have been using it before all my workouts this week, which on most days has been a short treadmill run followed by strength training. I may give it a try on a medium to long run at some point but more-so was interested to see how it improved my strength training sessions. I don’t typically have caffeine or energy supplements before longer runs because I don’t want to get my heart rate up too high and because running is so rough on my stomach that I tend to be afraid to ingest anything new pre-run.

But based on my experience with the Pre-Workout Energizer so far, here are my thoughts on the pros and cons:

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer in acai berry.

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer in acai berry.


  • It really seems to work! I exercise in the morning and sometimes summoning energy and getting into it is hard. I have noticed that when I drink the Energizer first thing I feel much more alert by the time I get to the gym and start my workout.
  • The ingredient list. The Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer formula is plant-based, contains no added sugar, and is dairy, gluten, and soy free. Much better than any other pre-workout energy formula I have ever heard of.
  • Because of the plant-based formula, I have found that my body responds better to Vega Sport supplements over anything else I have tried that has a long, and completely unpronounceable ingredient list. I have a pretty sensitive stomach and digest real food-derived supplements much better for obvious reasons. Vega Sport doesn’t leave me feeling nauseous, bloated, or with an upset stomach.
  • The taste isn’t bad. It’s not the best tasting drink in the world but has a decent flavor and isn’t overly sweet. The flavor I was sent was acai berry but the Energizer also comes in lemon-lime.


  • It is kind of difficult to mix. The first time I tried it I was just mixing it in a glass with a spoon and found it was almost impossible to get the powder fully incorporated. It wasn’t a huge problem because the powder is so fine it doesn’t taste gross and chunky even when you can’t get it fully mixed in. Every time since, I have put the Energizer in a blender bottle, which works perfectly. I recommend using a blender bottle to mix this product if you’ve got one.
  • One particular morning when I started my workout with an intense plyometric circuit I felt like the drink gave me a little TOO much energy. I got a bit dizzy and queezy. I’m not entirely sure whether this was because of the Energizer. It could have been a result of having a bit too much liquid sloshing around in my stomach and making me nauseous. Or just as easily a result of the fact that plyo circuits are brutal and I haven’t done them in a few weeks.


I’m glad I got a chance to try out the Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer. I was very happy with it and will definitely be using it and the other products in the Vega Sport line in the future. If you’re on the look-out for plant-based nutrition and workout supplements I recommend giving Vega a shot.

Have you tried any of the Vega products? Or any other plant-based supplements?

Note: I was provided free samples of the Pre-Workout Energizer for the purpose of this review. The other two products mentioned I purchased on my own. All opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “Vega Sport review

  1. I have had the opposite experience with vega actually. I have not really enjoyed any of the smoothie flavours (chocolate, berry, vanilla) and I find even in the blender mixed with fruit and water and ice it comes out grainy tasting in my mouth. I’m glad you like them, I can’t say I care for them though. I would definitely recommend getting a sample pack before investing in the powders as they are quite expensive

    • That’s interesting the protein powder was the easiest of the three Vega products that I’ve tried to get really well mixed. I make my smoothies with frozen banana and milk instead of water so maybe that has something to do with it? I tried PlantFusion before Vega and didn’t care at all for the texture or flavor of that one. Good point about buying the individual packs to try things out first, always a good idea when it comes to expensive supplements. I sprang for the big jug of protein powder because it was on sale and the GNC where I bought it allows you to bring back powders if you try them and don’t like them which is awesome.

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