The circuit workout that has been kicking my butt

I am finally back home in North Carolina after a whole lot of traveling last week. After spending most of the week in California for work, I headed straight to New York City for a friend’s bachelorette party.

The beach on Coronado Island, CA

The beach on Coronado Island, CA

The ladies wandering around New York City

The ladies wandering around New York City

Both trips were great! Although we had more than a few travel issues that caused everyone plenty of stress during our NYC weekend. On that note, I will NEVER fly on American Airlines again unless I am somehow forced to. I could write an entire post about how incredibly crappy this airline proved itself to be last week, but instead I’ll take the high road and spare you the angry rant post.

After a week away, I am so happy to be back home with Jeremy and Juneau. And hopefully (maybe) back in the groove of blogging.

I wanted to share an intense, full-body strength circuit workout that I have been loving lately. It always leaves me tired and sweaty and it is easy to do with minimal equipment (just dumbbells and a medicine ball). I got it from this Clutch Cut program on

*Start with an easy five minute cardio warm-up and some stretching.

*Do a quick, 15 minute HIIT circuit to get your heart rate up. Try alternating 30 seconds walking, 30 seconds jogging and 30 seconds sprinting on the treadmill and repeat 10 times.

*Repeat the following circuit 3 or 4 times, doing 10-12 reps of each exercise (videos of all the exercises are available through the link above):

Clean and press
Overhead medicine ball throws
Dumbbell rear lunge
Push ups
Bench dips
High knees
Bodyweight squat
Wide grip lat pull-down (I do upright dumbbell rows instead when I’m not in the big gym)
Medicine ball jumping jacks
Incline push ups
Dumbbell bicep curl
Side lateral raise
One-arm dumbbell row

*Finish up with an easy 5 minute cool-down on the treadmill and more stretching.

Let me know what you think if you give it a try!

Any favorite circuit or plyometric workouts to share? I am looking for new ones!


5 thoughts on “The circuit workout that has been kicking my butt

    • Both! The flight my friends were on to get to NY to meet me got cancelled at the very last minute for no particular reason. Not delayed, just outright cancelled. They just didn’t have a plane for the fully booked flight. And then one of their representatives gave me completely incorrect instructions for making changes to my flights when I called them about it months in advance. So long story short they ended up cancelling my ticket for my return trip without telling me and then trying to charge me $400 to get back on the plane that I already paid for a seat on in the first place. And the people I talked on the phone in the process were rude and talked down to me… my pet peeve. A bit of a nightmare all in all!

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