When life drops a last minute half marathon in your lap

…you just run it. Right?

A few weeks ago I ended up with a great opportunity to run in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, DC, on April 27th. It wasn’t exactly in my game plan but, in the days and weeks that followed, plans somehow aligned.

My fantastic friend Chelsea offered to be my travel buddy for the weekend. Another amazing friend offered up her apartment outside DC as a place to stay. And I even get the chance to see my parents and brother during a pit stop in Charlottesville along the way.

So it looks like I’m running a half marathon this weekend – not to mention one that is on my list of dream races!


I have been doing my fair share of running since the Wrightsville Beach Marathon, but mostly shorter runs and not a single speed workout. So I have no idea how the race will go. But I am strictly in this one for a good time.

One of my hopes for running during the rest of 2014 was to run more races instead of putting months of training and all my focus into just two races all year. This race is giving me a great push in that direction.

So excited for a running/road-trip/girls weekend!

Are you racing this weekend? Or going on a trip?


6 thoughts on “When life drops a last minute half marathon in your lap

    • Woah! That’s awesome! I think sometimes when there is so much pressure put on a race it can actually really effect performance negatively. I certainly didn’t PR but I wasn’t super far off from my PR time so I was happy with my effort and the whole weekend was so fun!

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