Changing focus

Though it may not have seemed like it over the past year or so, I actually do like to do other things besides running. A few years ago, after finishing my first marathon and right around the time I started this blog, I was really into a weight training phase. I never stopped enjoying strength training but it definitely took a back seat while I was training for race after race after race recently. I have been thinking for a while that after I finished my marathon mania I wanted to get back into the gym and do a lot more cross-training. And this week I did.

I will still be running and racing down the road. In fact, my goal is to do a lot more races this year. But I don’t anticipate running any race longer than a half marathon for the rest of 2014. My body is just beyond done with marathons right now. The great thing is that, since I just came off of marathon training, I’m easily in half marathon shape so I really only need to do enough weekly miles to maintain my running fitness. And that leaves plenty of time and energy to channel towards cross-training.

I spent a lot of time browsing and found a new, fun (to me) workout schedule to follow that I could easily mix with some weekly runs. I’m going to go on a tangent and say that I feel like there may be a negative perception of sites like… at least for women. It seems a lot more women are embracing weight training in various forms while some are really hesitant to put a lot of focus on it at the risk of becoming more  muscular than they want to be. From my experience, even when I am doing a lot of strength training, I tend to only get slightly more toned but I feel a whole lot stronger – which I love.  This site has been a really good resource for me and, if you have never browsed around on it, I would recommend it if you are wanting to find some new exercises or routines to try out. Every exercise mentioned on the site is linked to a video demonstration.


Anyways, I am a huge fan of schedules and plans. So leave it to me to compulsively make a weekly work out schedule. Here is what I did this week/what I think I will do for the remainder of it. It is based around this plan but with things shifted around and more cardio added in. And even though I am a compulsive workout planner I am not the type to follow a meal or supplement plan (diet is probably the only four letter word I won’t say), so I don’t pay attention to that part.

Monday: Run 2-3 miles, shoulder & arm strength, core work
Tuesday: Run 2-3 miles, back strength
Wednesday: Plyometric circuit, leg strength, core work
Thursday: Run 2-3 miles, shoulder & chest strength
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: A longer run whatever distance I feel like, core work
Sunday: Rest day, yoga, or whatever I feel like

I am so incredibly sore in so many places right now, but in a good way. It is amazing because I know I am in good running shape but these workouts have challenged me more than I thought they would because of how different they are. The plyometrics circuit was especially hard. Ask me to run 16 miles? No problem. Ask me to do box jumps then immediately do tuck jumps? Doubled over gasping for air.

My body is really happy with the change and my brain is a lot more motivated and engaged. All good things!

Are you a fan of weight training? Tell me about your best workout this week!



3 thoughts on “Changing focus

  1. I love weight training! Mostly as you really feel the effects so you know you’re working hard! My favourite workout of the week? Starting boot camp – found a great guy where I am in NZ right now – lying in bed contemplating trying to sit up and climb down from a top bunk in my dorm room!

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