#Winning Wednesday 11

I’ve had a slow, somewhat cranky start to my Wednesday so I hope that rehashing some of the many positive happenings lately will keep me from being such a downer. Here we go!

1. Beer

Sometimes when I have a big race coming up I will cut alcohol completely out of my diet as a means of detoxing my system and making sure I am focusing on hydrating instead of dehydrating. I didn’t drink any alcohol for three weeks before the Wrightsville Beach Marathon. I missed beer so I have been enjoying some of my favorites like Hoppyum and Ranger and tried some new-to-me beers, too.


2. Cards Against Humanity

Why has this game not been in my life until now? For those who aren’t familiar, Cards Against Humanity is essentially a socially inappropriate version of Apples to Apples. Jeremy bought it and we played it for the first time this weekend. I couldn’t stop laughing and wanted to play round after round.


3. Travel

This year is shaping up to be an exciting one in terms of travel. All of a sudden I have three cool trips scheduled – and it’s only March. I get to go to New York next month for a friend’s bachelorette party and just found out I will be going to California the week before for work. Jeremy and I will be heading back to California in August for a wedding and also want to plan a trip to our favorite cabin in the mountains. Good times ahead.

4. My job

I don’t love work all the time (who does?). But sometimes I step back and can’t help but realize that I have a very cool job. After the first staff meeting of each month, we have a social hour where we all have a beer (or two) and just talk – sometimes about things related to work and a lot of times about things completely unrelated. We did this yesterday afternoon and I didn’t stop laughing and smiling the entire time. I work with really great people who have a really genuine passion for what we do. Not everyone can say that so I count myself as lucky.

5. Latte flavored yogurt

I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I REALLY really do. As if I didn’t consume enough coffee already.


 Ever played Cards Against Humanity? What are your travel plans for 2014?



One thought on “#Winning Wednesday 11

  1. Would you be surprised to know that I own all the original CAH game, all four expansion packs and the Bigger Blacker Box? I proudly add that I have won at our last two game nights. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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