Recovery mode

First of all, thank you for all of your nice comments on my last post. Everything has been so exciting and I really enjoyed writing that post and getting to relive the whole day and share it with all of you – your kind words were the icing on the cake.

Things are getting back to normal around here this week. Well, except for the fact that I am wearing this pretty ring and I’m engaged. So, it’s just like normal life… but engaged. Which I guess is normal life now. Woah.


Last week was a very strange week of recovery for me. I was so excited and ready to celebrate with Jeremy and our friends. So excited, in fact, that we came back from Wilmington on Sunday and went straight to an amazing celebration dinner with Jolly and Vaughan. Huge plates of hibachi and glasses of wine with friends is the very best way to celebrate an engagement while replacing marathon calories!


Even though I was mentally ecstatic last week, physically I wanted to sleep ALL. THE. TIME. This marathon was one of the toughest on my body and has been one of the hardest to recover from. Once it became clear that was going to be the case, I promised myself that I would completely lay off exercise for the week after the race. After two back-to-back marathon training seasons there was no doubt that I needed a break. Instead of running or spending time in the gym, I took a lot of long walks with Juneau. She probably wishes I would give up exercise more often.


Speaking of Juneau, her fourth birthday was on Friday! I can’t believe it has been nearly four years since we got her. I hate to brag but she is pretty much the perfect dog. And she may also be the most spoiled. We celebrated her birthday with a bring-your-dog-to-work day, a nearly 3 mile hike in the park and a trip to PetSmart where I bought her a giant peanut butter carob chip dog cake.

Juneau Birthday

This week I am easing back into running and the gym – so far I have done two easy two mile runs and some weights. Once I am back in the full swing of my routine again, I will have some more topical and consistent posts for you. Until then you get to enjoy the random wanderings of my brain like this right here. You’re welcome!

How long do you usually rest to recover after a race? What’s your favorite restaurant to go to or food to eat when you are celebrating something?


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