What day is it?

Wow, this week has been a complete daze. The time change has really messed with me and I am more tired than usual. At the same time, there has been too many things going on for me to be a lazy mess like I would like to be.

I don’t have much in the way of coherent thoughts to share but I do have one big one…

It’s marathon week!

WB Marathon

It kind of crept up on me and it feels like just 2 weeks ago that I was running the Richmond Marathon. But I’m certainly excited – I absolutely love Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach and this race so it should be a great weekend.

I am compulsively stalking the weather which, as it stands right now, is making me a little uncomfortable. It looks like it may be another damp, rainy marathon for me.

70% chance of rain? No, thank you.

70% chance of rain? No, thank you.

I hope to be back for another post once I get some time and get a grip on what time of day it is and/or what day of the week it even is.

Has the time change been causing you problems? Have you ever run any races in the rain – if so what are your tips?


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