#Winning Wednesday 10

It has been a long time since my last #Winning Wednesday post. So let’s get right to it!

1. Together time

The new job that Jeremy started last week is much more of a structured 9-5 schedule than his old one. It has been strange but great having him home every night. We make and eat our dinners together, take Juneau for walks in the evening together, and relax together. Our morning schedules are much more aligned as well. We’re almost two weeks in and he hasn’t gotten sick of me yet!

Jeremy and Anna

2. Soy lattes

I give Hayley credit for this one. She wrote a post a few weeks ago that mentioned her new obsession with Starbucks soy lattes. I had never thought to try my latte with soy milk because I am not lactose intolerant and I just assumed it would taste gross. But after she planted the seed I gave them a shot and it turns out I was so, so wrong. Soy lattes are amazing. There are no words to describe exactly why. Obviously, even though I am loving this new development in my coffee obsession, my wallet is not a fan.


3. My favorite only hat

I have never been much of a hat person. I have a very long face and most winter hats tend to just accentuate that feature. You think I am being self-concious right now, but I’m really not. Jeremy calls me Mike and Ike head. I know the comparison is completely accurate but will usually call him fat head to keep things balanced. Then he tells me I am terribly uninspired at comebacks. Anyway, I bought this Columbia hat online because I fell in love with the color. Turns out it actually sort of works on my Mike and Ike head. I’ve been wearing it non-stop.


4. My new office

Yesterday I moved into my very own, brand new office. I have been sharing an office space with two other people, which was never a huge problem but it is really exciting to be getting my own space. I did a mental happy dance when I took all of my nerdy electric utility regulation reference books and binders out of their cramped drawer in my desk and spread them out on my new shelves.


5. Game of Thrones

Chelsea and I finished the first season of Game of Thrones last night and my mind is still blown. Now we’re on a mission to hunt down box sets of seasons two and three without having to buy them ourselves. Juneau likes to watch episodes with us every Tuesday night and pretend like she is Daenerys Targaryen.


Just call me Khaleesi.

Just call me Khaleesi.

What’s your favorite person, place, or thing this week?


11 thoughts on “#Winning Wednesday 10

  1. HAHAHA love the Game of Thrones reference! I’ve just started to watch as well and I’m obsessed. No one will call me Ka-Lindsay though, as much as I try 😦 haha!

  2. Haha I love your dog trying to be Daenerys! So cute! You should definitely try your library, that’s where I got the entire first season! I don’t think I was able to rent them all at once but it was better than buying it! And congrats on the hat! I look terrible in winter hats too!

    • The library is a great idea, thanks for the tip! I am very excited about the hat. I think something about the slouchyness in the back keeps it from making my head look a little less long. It’s a miracle!

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