Making marathon training work in the winter

The alternative title to this post would be “Lucking into making marathon training work in the midst of a snowpocalyse”.

Wow, the snow makes my dog look really dirty.

Wow, the snow makes my dog look really dirty.

I have seen more than a couple disgruntled posts, statuses, tweets, and whatever else about missed workouts or horrifically boring treadmill long runs as runners in seemingly every state attempt to train through all these winter storms.

Somehow or another, I have made all of my marathon training workouts happen according to plan and the longest run I have had to retreat indoors for was 8 miles. I wish I could say this was because of impeccable planning and runner’s intuition but that would be giving myself too much credit.

The obnoxious winter weather has seemed to be paying as much attention to my training schedule as I have. The snow always seems to come around in the middle of the week when I usually plan to do easy base mileage runs or speed work on the treadmill, and then it clears out by the weekend for my long run, sometimes even leaving some 50 or 60 degree weather behind.

Mother nature likes to let me do my long runs.

Mother nature likes to let me do my long runs.

Now that I have taken notice of this pattern out loud… in extra internet-public style… I can only assume that some terrible, inconvenient weekend weather is waiting in the near future to come back and bite me. I’m knocking on wood just to be sure.

Honestly, though, I am happy with how training has been moving along. I am keeping up with my promises to myself to do more cross training, feed myself better, and take more days of complete rest. Here is what my typical week of training has looked like…

Monday: A slow, easy run of 5-7 miles in the morning, BodyPump in the evening

Tuesday: Rest day with Active Release Therapy every other week

Wednesday: About 7 miles of speed work alternating between intervals and tempo runs each week

Thursday: A slow, easy run of 5-7 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Long run which increases slightly each week and will peak at about 20 miles

Sunday: BodyPump and yoga

So far, so good. I feel like I am getting a decent balance of running, strength training, stretching, and rest.

This week is going to be a crazy one in terms of work and non-work life. I am going to try not to drop off the blogging and social media map during it!

Has winter weather thrown off your training schedule? Do you want to give my dog a bath for me?


5 thoughts on “Making marathon training work in the winter

    • She would probably enjoy the trip and the bath to be honest ;). I have ended up on the treadmill for a lot of my mid-week runs, including speed work. Luckily the race I am training for is flatflatflat so I am not worried about undertraining for the terrain with treadmill runs.

  1. My luck has run the other way. Snow and ice would fall in rapid hatred over the days leading up to my long run… if not actual moisture accumulation, sub-zero temps would hit; and then I would have to slog out 15 – 20 miles in snow, on ice, or while loosing feeling in all my extreme bits… It’s been a rough season, for sure. I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten the major-importance runs in and am looking forward to some above 35F weather finally!

    • That sounds awful! Impressive that you have toughed it out and actually done your long runs in the snow and ice. This season is certainly making me remember why I have never trained for a Spring race longer than a marathon. Marathon training in the winter is rough.

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