Good links lately

It’s been one of those kind of weeks for me. Not great, not bad, just a week. I was pretty cranky on and off and it wasn’t the type of week where I was full of brilliant blogging ideas.

On weeks like these, when my creative juices are stagnant, I enjoy reading my favorite blogs and websites even more. Since I’m in much more of a reading mood then a writing mood I’m going to take it as an opportunity to share some of the best posts and articles I’ve come across lately with you.


Edamame Black Bean Salad – I’ve made two batches of this in a very short period and Jeremy and I crushed it both times. It’s so delicious!

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Dessert Hummus – I was skeptical but decided to give this recipe a shot. I modified it slightly by using four tablespoons of regular peanut butter instead of powdered and two teaspoons of stevia and two teaspoons of honey to sweeten it. Turns out that I love it. I made it Wednesday and just finished polishing off the whole bowl all by myself. Don’t judge me. It actually tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough to me. Jeremy wasn’t impressed but I think that’s because he saw it was made from chickpeas and it weirded him out. If you’re going to make it for husbands or children I would suggest making it in secret and letting them think it’s bad for them.

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Overnight Oats – I was 100 percent sure that I would never be a big fan of overnight oatmeal, until I found this recipe. Now I’ve been making it several times a week, every week. It’s so simple but so good.

Running and Fitness

Perform Your Best with the Proper Warm Up before Running – After reading this post I became a lot more conscious about the need to do a better warm up before my tough runs. It has great recommendations of a series of dynamic stretches to try.

Fitness Friday on Taking a Break from Running – Whenever I have to or want to take some time off of running my obsessive compulsive runner side always wonders how much of my running fitness I will lose in the process. This post has some good resources to ease the worried voices of the obsessive runner in all of us.

Tempos vs. Intervals – When I first started incorporating speed work into my training, I was really confused by what tempo runs were supposed to be like and what they were meant to accomplish. I also despised them so for a while I just didn’t do them at all and did all interval training. Well… I still don’t like tempo runs. But now I know why they’re important and how to scale them based on what distance I am training for. I really wish that this post had been written a year ago to help me figure out what I was doing that much faster. Any runners who are just getting into speed training should check this post out.

5 Phases of Endurance Training – A great run down of all the components of training for an endurance event and how long they should last. It can be hard to know how long to base build, when the best time to peak is when training for a race, or how long you need to recover afterwards before you can start training again. This post is a good reference for answering those types of questions.

5 Reasons Why I Practice Yoga – For anyone wondering if you should take up yoga or work it into your cross-training routine, the answer is definitely yes!

Other Stuff

Help, I’m Married to a Blogger – If you’re a blogger or know and love one and want a good laugh, you should probably read this.


6 thoughts on “Good links lately

  1. Thank you for sharing all this great content. I love link roundups and finding new blogs to follow! Thank you also for including links to two of my posts. I’m so glad you found them helpful! Happy running!!!

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