#Winning Wednesday 9

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Right now I’m sitting on the couch watching the snow fall and fighting the never-ending battle to keep my toes and fingers warm with the heat on high and fuzzy socks as my weapons of choice. Here are a couple of the things that have been making my week(s) happy recently.

1. Weekend fun

I had a fun, easy weekend with my parents and actually finished up Sunday feeling relaxed yet productive and ready to take on a new week. We went to the “Porsche by Design” special exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art on Saturday. Seeing all the cars and how they have evolved over the decades was very cool.

Art Museum

2. ALT Lara Bars

I have been tempted to try Lara Bars before because I appreciate their short and natural ingredient lists but ultimately have shied away from them. Reason being, that I have a serious aversion to dates – which happens to be the primary ingredient in the bars. Because I know you are interested in the background story, the short version is that I did a hiking/backpacking outdoors camp as a kid, got really sick a few days in, and vomited dehydrated date bran muffin. And so the date aversion was born.

I recently caved to the temptation and tried a Lemon Pound Cake ALT Lara Bar. I was surprised to find that I loved it, and I have loved all of the ALT flavors that I have tried since. I assumed I must have been mistaken about all Lara Bars and gave the original ones a try and that was a no go for me. The texture of the original is too date-like; childhood camp memories were resurfaced. But I am sold on the ALT bars for sure!


3. The new body pump release…

… completely kicks my butt. I love it and have been going to the class as much as I can. Pretty much all of the tracks work my muscles to exhaustion. I kid you not, last night my arms were shaking just trying to hold up my iPhone afterwards. I also love a lot of the songs in this release. I am guessing everyone else got sick of ‘Can’t Hold Us’ a long time ago, but I don’t listen to pop radio much so I’m not sick of it at all and am totally digging Macklemore’s rap skills during every BodyPump session.

4. Snow day

I am not a big fan of winter weather so, unlike many people, I am not giddy at the mention of snow in the forecast. However, I have been allowed to work from home tomorrow to avoid rough driving conditions. An adult version of a snow day is something I can be excited about, even if freezing cold weather does come with it.


5. This picture of Juneau laying on top of the couch watching the snow flakes

Because Juneau hasn’t made an appearance on the blog in a few posts and we can’t have that.


What’s making you happy this week? I need recommendations for my running playlist! What’s your favorite song at the moment?


4 thoughts on “#Winning Wednesday 9

  1. It’s great to catch up with you! I want to try one of those bars. And as for music, I tend to run to some weird stuff…right now I have Psylla by Glass Animals on every running playlist. It’s not booty jam music, but I find it hypnotic for long runs! 🙂

    • They’re delicious! Definitely give them a try. I haven’t heard that band at all so maybe I’ll go on YouTube and see if they’re my style! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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