#Winning Wednesday 8

Who else out there is having a very cold and snowy Wednesday? We got a dusting of snow last night which, in the grand Southern tradition of North Carolina, means that everyone freaks out and talks about snow non-stop, forgets how to drive, and brings every function of their daily life to a grinding halt even if the stuff doesn’t stick to the road. We know that all the Northerners are laughing at us, but we’re North Carolina so we don’t care.

Here are the things that are #winning in my not-so-winter wonderland of a Wednesday.

1. Fantastic news for my fantastic boyfriend

Jeremy got a new job last week! He has been working incredibly hard job searching, a process that can be ridiculously frustrating, and we were both so happy when he got an offer for a position on Friday. I’m so proud of him!

Jeremy and Anna

2. A surprise visit from my parents

I found out that the North Carolina Museum of Art is running a special exhibit this month called “Porsche by Design”, and immediately told my Dad about it. He has a special place in his heart for Porsches since he recently splurged and bought one as his “toy car”. Now they are taking a short weekend visit to North Carolina so we can all go to the museum and spend some time together. I love every chance I get to see my parents, even if it is for a short amount of time.


3. Game of Thrones

I borrowed the first season of this show from a friend months ago and somehow still hadn’t managed to dive into it. Last week Chelsea and I started making regular dates to watch episodes together and it’s safe to say that we’re both hooked now.


4. Discounted running shoes

I assume that I have mentioned on at least one occasion how much I love Living Social and Groupon deals. I scored another great deal this weekend that was $50 toward a pair of running shoes at a local running shop for $25. I know I am going to need new running shoes eventually – probably sooner rather than later given the beating that mine go through – and now I already have nearly half the cost paid for.

Shoes 2

5. A free race entry

Back in October I volunteered to help with the Bull City Race Fest in Durham on a whim. Since I decided to help just 48 hours before the race, I didn’t know much about the logistics of volunteering for this particular event when I signed up. It turns out that anyone who volunteered as an individual gets a free entry to a future local race. I had a couple of options, but ended up choosing an entry to the same event I had volunteered for last year. So it looks like I will be running the 2014 Bull City Race Fest Half Marathon in October!

Bull City Race Fest

Is there winter weather where you are? Are you a Game of Thrones fan?


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