New ways to break a sweat

Last week was another week off of running for me as I was trying to make some real improvements to the muscle damage in my right leg. I went to Active Release Therapy three (three!!) times last week and resolved to resist the urge to run. But it wasn’t easy. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a hard time working up a real sweat when I cross train.

Determined to break a sweat last week somehow, I looked up a few cycling and elliptical workouts for runners on the web. I found two great pages with specific workout recommendations from Competitor and Runner’s World.

The cycling workout from the Runner’s World article got me especially sweaty and out of breath on Saturday morning. It mimicked the intensity of a running interval workout, which is probably my favorite type of training run. Here’s what I did:

  • 10 minute warm-up at an easy pace.
  • 2 minutes hard followed by 1 minute recovery for about 45 minutes. I upped the resistance during every 2 minute interval but I alternated between really high resistance climbs (butt out of the seat like you’re pedaling up a massive hill) and medium-high resistance sprints (seated, leaning forward and going for a high RPM). So a full set was 2 minute climb, 1 minute recovery, 2 minute sprint, 1 minute recovery. I repeated this 7 or 8 times.
  • 5 minute cool down.

I am not much of a cyclist (actually, the last time I owned a bike was in elementary school so I’m not a cyclist at all), but this workout plus some weights left me tired and happy.

My former toddler-aged bike-enthusiast self would have been proud.

My former toddler-aged, bike-enthusiast self would have been proud.

Runners – what is your favorite way to cross train? Everyone – what has been your best, sweatiest workout recently?


2 thoughts on “New ways to break a sweat

    • I love it too! It’s my go-to site for pretty much all running questions along with Competitor. Let me know if you try out the cycling workout – enjoy!

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