I’m making this up as I go along

I’ve started marathon training about three times now. Or rather, I have thought I was going to start marathon training three times and have kept pushing if further and further away. My right leg is still giving me trouble and, even though I can run on it without making it worse, I am positive I can’t make it through training for and running a marathon when it’s giving me problems from the start.

Various remedies have made me pretty optimistic that my aches would go away, at which point I tell myself that I will start marathon training on this day or that and get mentally prepared to do it, but then after a few runs I realize I’m still not ready – even if I have improved.

I took two weeks off of running before Christmas. At that point it seemed to make sense to ease back into runs and then start seriously training again just before the New Year. After a few of those first runs I was pretty sure the time off hadn’t been the cure-all that I had hoped for.

My brother gave me a gift certificate for an hour sports massage as a perfect Christmas present. I scheduled that appointment right around New Years. I hoped that getting the muscles that have been giving me problems (my butt, hip flexor, and right side of my lower back in case anyone was curious) a good massage would clear up whatever lingering marathon damage I had and then I could start easing into training with a reasonable 12 week time frame. (Note that I do realize how strange it is that I am trying to heal up from marathon training just to begin marathon training. Runners are a special breed of crazy.) The massage provided a lot of relief but I’m still not 100%.

I realized after this that: 1) Not being able to train for a race when I want to train makes me VERY cranky. 2) It’s time to take some more deliberate action to determine what is causing my pain and fix it.

Saturday morning I had my first experience with active release therapy (I’ll likely write a separate post about ART once I’ve had more experience with it). I’ve seen some improvement since and, fortunately, the chiropractor I’m seeing seems really confident that all my issues are scar tissue in my muscles – nothing terribly serious. So here I am with another hopeful scenario: Take this week as yet another week off of running and have another two appointments of active release. Then re-re-re-evaluate the possibility of easing back into training.

As the title of this post implies, I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m making this up as I go.

Tell me about your latest run… or your latest running injury.


5 thoughts on “I’m making this up as I go along

  1. I hope things start going better! Today I had to take an unexpected rest day and it’s making me crazy because I feel like I’m behind on my half marathon training for Disney Princess, so I know how you feel. Not knowing when you can get back into running can make you crazy! Runners really are weird.

  2. I’ve been a bad blogger and internet friend…just reading this and your other post. So sorry! I developed bad adhesions in my right thigh just before my marathon last spring and barely made it to the starting line, not knowing if I would be able to do it. I could feel and see (!) the lump of scar tissue bouncing away from the massage therapist’s elbow as she tried to get pressure on it and break it up. So gross, and it’s amazing how much tightness and trouble it can cause! I don’t know if it will make you feel better, but a few sessions made a world of difference. And if I ever train for another marathon, I will get regular sports massages again during training to keep the problem at bay. Happy resting and running!

    • Don’t apologize! I have definitely dropped off the map in blog world a few times myself. It happens. I have missed reading your posts though!! The massage and the ART do seem to really be helping (Thursday will be my sixth session of ART in two weeks – yikes). I guess I never realized that the adhesions could build up like that and cause so many problems! I think massages and ART are going to definitely have to become a regular thing during any serious training because once it gets built up it is such a huge pain in the butt to get rid of.

      • Exactly! I will be all about preventing that kind of buildup again if I train for another marathon. I had no idea that it could happen or that it could cause so much trouble…my quad, IT, and knee all tightened up in response to it. Glad you are getting some results! 😉

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