Saying goodbye to 2013

The year is all but over and I’m ready to check back in on how I did on the goals I made back in January. I’ve chosen to set the mood for writing this post by turning on the Christmas lights. I went into Target this evening and they already have pulled out all the stops and laid out all the Valentine’s Day merchandise. Well, American consumer culture may be ready to move on but I don’t think I am yet so I’m clinging to my Christmas tree a little longer.

I set goals in January and then added a few new goals when I revisited them in July. So it’s time to see how I did on all of them.

1. Finish my fifth half marathon and my second marathon. Preferably both in PR time. This one was later amended to finishing the marathon in Boston Qualifying time and remaining injury free.

I almost completed this goal in its entirety. I had already run a half marathon PR in April and even further improved that PR time in a race in October. I just missed a Boston Qualifying time at the Richmond Marathon but I did improve my PR marathon time by almost 50 minutes which I can’t be upset about. I have some aches in my right leg and piriformis that have lingered since the race but I wouldn’t necessarily constitute them as an injury.


2. Be on time more.

I think that in the final weeks of the year I made some noticeable improvements toward this goal. I know it is something that I need to continue to work on. Ultimately, I will perfect my timeliness when I get through my stubborn head that I can only fit so many things into each day.

3. Do one blog post per week. This one was later amended to a general goal of improving my blog and expanding its reach. Sub goals included: Write at least 2 posts per week, invest in a proper domain name, utilize social media more and consciously try to get more people following the blog.

I am almost positive I have written two blog posts per week since setting my July goal. I did buy my domain name and, although I am still not a social media master by any means, I have been making better use of my accounts to try and connect with people. I also read more blogs now and connect with more bloggers, which has been the most helpful and enjoyable development for me. All in all, my readership has clearly increased and I think that this goal was achieved. But there is always more that I can do in the years to come!

4. Read more books. When I was sort of slow to read much during the first half of the year I amended this goal in July to reading 5 books between the date of that post and the end of the year

I fell short of this goal. I only read about 4 and a half books in all of 2013. But I guess that leaves a lot of room for improvement in 2014, right?

5. Do agility classes with Juneau.

I had already checked this goal off in July and Juneau and I continued to attend classes up until mid-December when they took a break for the holidays. I see this as something that Juneau and I will continue to do throughout her life. I can tell she enjoys the classes, it is great exercise for her, and I feel like it strengthens our mother-daughter bond – which I love.


5. Spend more time relaxing; make an effort to fit in time to myself where I have no designated plans or places to be.

There have been several weeks where I have laid off my to-do-list-making ways and made time to relax. Still, I find myself being the task master of my own life pretty often and will have to continue working toward a more balanced life that makes legitimate time for relaxation.

6. Get more sleep; go to bed early enough each night that I can get a minimum of 7 hours and still do what I want/need to do in the morning like fit in my workout.

This is one that I also need to improve on more. I know that sleep is just as important as exercise and a healthy diet in the scheme of overall health and sanity. But that knowledge doesn’t always translate into action when it is 10:30 at night and I am deciding between doing this or that around the house and crawling into bed.

I will try to be back tomorrow with some new goals for 2014. I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year’s celebration. If you are planning on going out and popping bottles, please be safe. If you are planning on staying home in your sweatpants, at least try to stay awake until the ball drops!

How did you do on your 2013 goals or resolutions?


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