Lazy Sunday

The theme of today’s post – and of today in general – is laziness. I have had a really lazy day today and have done very little besides watch the Panthers pull off a win against the Falcons. Looks like we’re HOSTING the playoffs, baby!

Before I go and try to do something with my life (a quick run and some grocery shopping, nothing too taxing, don’t worry) I had to drop in with a quick post… one that will be short and lazy, sticking with the theme.

I’ll do much better keeping the blog up to date next week because there is plenty to write about. I’ve been running again and marathon training is going to be starting soon. I’ve got some 2013 resolutions to reflect on and 2014 resolutions to make. And I got some great running related gifts that I am excited about and want to share. I just haven’t taken time to sit down and write. I promise to do better… next week.

For now, here’s a picture of one of my favorite running related gifts. Jeremy got me this medal hanger and put it up on our wall yesterday. I am in love with it. Finally, I have somewhere to put my medals instead of cramming them into a drawer and forgetting about them. It is great walking by them in the hallway and having memories of all those races pop into my head.


What are you doing today? Are you having a lazy Sunday, too?


Tell me what you think!

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