Hopping on the bandwagon

This has definitely happened.


I joined my new gym on Monday and have already taken a full-on leap onto the BodyPump bandwagon. Okay, what really happened was I went to the gym to try it out Monday because I had a free five day pass and I wanted to see if I liked the facility and the classes. I went to BodyPump class then immediately walked downstairs and bought a membership. Forget the remaining free four days from the pass. Hooray for impulse purchases!

I’ve gone to BodyPump twice this week already and Jeremy has agreed to go try it out with me on Sunday, too. Three times in a week. That’s almost as many workouts as I dedicate to running during training. So I guess it’s safe to say I kind of love this class.

My arms – particularly my triceps – haven’t been this sore in a long time. And I’m pretty excited about that.

I was a bit nervous my first time but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to catch on to how things work by copying everyone else. There’s so many bars and plates being tossed around I don’t think anyone would even notice that I don’t exactly seem to know what I’m doing and that doing squats to pop tracks is about as close as my uncoordinated self ever gets to dancing.

If you’ve never tried out BodyPump before, I absolutely recommend it.

My goal for next week will be to mix it up some. I have never tried a spin class either so I may take on that challenge and also see if the yoga class at this gym is any good.

Are you a BodyPump fan? What has your favorite workout been this week?


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