Apparently I get really lost without my training schedule

Hi, my name is Anna, and it has been four days since my last run. But it feels like forty.

I decided near the end of last week that, if I really wanted to take on winter training for a spring marathon, the best thing I could do for my body is to take a week off from running, at least.

I was surprised and happy that my Piriformis problems actually felt better overall after the Richmond Marathon then they did before it. But I can’t deny that my hip still does feel sore during and after my runs and I’m having soreness in the back of my right knee too. It’s nothing to sound the injury alarm over, but if I let it linger around as I jump back into marathon training in a couple of weeks, I have no doubt it would end up that way. I can tell it feels worlds better after a good rest or cross-training day, so it seems clear that a break from running should be the perfect remedy.

The thing is, now I don’t really know what to do with myself. For nearly the past year, I have always had a certain plan. I was either following a half marathon training plan, a weekly strength training/running plan, a marathon training plan, or a marathon recovery plan. Clearly, I love plans. And now there’s no plan.

You would think it would be a liberating and fantastic feeling. The world – or rather, the gym – is my oyster and I can choose whatever machine or weight I want (except the treadmill… damn). But really all of the ambiguity of it is much more stressful to me than it is liberating. I also am having a mental block and can’t manage to make myself wake up early to do these frivolous, unplanned workouts which takes a toll on my mood.

Okay, everyone is probably either laughing at me or really concerned for my sanity at this point so I’ll stop my train of thought there.

Exercise ECard

One silver lining is that I took this as an opportune time to sign up for a membership to a new gym that offers a lot of classes. So maybe having a fitness instructor tell me what to do will be a good substitute for having a schedule tell me what to do.

Do you like to follow a plan for your workouts or just go with the flow? If you do classes, tell me your favorite so I can try it out!


7 thoughts on “Apparently I get really lost without my training schedule

  1. Oh I really know what you mean. I’m not an experiences runner like you, only did 1 half marathon so far. My goal is to run a full one somewhere “in the near future”. When practicing for the half marathon I didn’t have a full time job and I could stick to my training schedule very well. Now I have a full time job, but I can’t seem to find the time to run 3 or 4 times a week between work, kid and other duties. So I make a schedule all the time because I know it motivates me, but somehow just can’t manage to make the right schedule these days and I feel lost too πŸ™‚

    • Yes! Training for a half or full marathon with a full time job is hard. I rely on waking up very early to fit my workouts in before my 9-5 workday starts. But you have the added obligation of kids so I can’t even imagine how hard that must be! I hope that you are able to find the right schedule that works for you. And good luck with all your future races!!

  2. I find that I have to make a schedule for myself. It helps keep me honest and just the simple act of writing out my week on a piece of scrap paper helps me stick with it.

    • I think I might do this next week. Even though I don’t really have a schedule, I am going to try writing out what days/times I want to take certain classes or do certain workouts and what days will be rest days. If I plan it ahead, I will be much more into it I think. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone!!! I can never stick to a routine unless I’m training for something. I ran the Miami half at the end of October and since then I’ve been a disaster. After the holidays I’m signing up for whatever small races I can find just so I can get back to my carefully planned schedule. It’s always nice when we can relate to other runners going through exactly what we’re going through, so thanks for the post. Good luck with your winter running and happy holidays!

    • Thanks for the comment! It is great to write posts like this about odd runner problems and always get responses from other runners who feel the same way to assure me I’m not crazy πŸ™‚ Congrats on your half and good luck on your winter running as well!!

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