5 Things people who really have it together do better than me

Mother nature must have read my last whiny post. Because now it’s about 70 degrees in North Carolina – which is weird and amazing at the same time. Despite the weather miracle, I still have no desire to get out of bed in the morning. Clearly my hibernation instinct is not acutely dependent on weather forecasts after all.

I am not sure about all the other recent college graduates out there, but no matter how much I think I have my life together I am constantly seeing people or thinking of reasons that prove me wrong. (By the way, is graduating over three years ago still considered recent? I vote yes.) I’ve got the nine to five work day on lock down, I have a salary, I make monthly budgets. Particularly if you are looking at me today from the perspective of me four years ago, I am a well established adult. Still, present day Anna finds herself thinking all to often, ‘Man, I should probably do **insert adult behavior here** more.’ Here are just a few of the things that I imagine people who REALLY have it together do about a hundred times better than me.

1. Watch the news

Back when I trained for my first marathon almost entirely on the treadmill, I watched a lot of CNN. I would turn it on in the apartment gym every morning that I did my runs and trudge through the miles reading the morning’s headlines. I felt really well informed back then. Sometimes at work I would have relevant current events to regurgitate prefaced by the adult-sounding phrase, ‘I saw on CNN this morning…’

Ever since I moved to a less shady apartment complex and have gotten the chance to enjoy doing most of my runs outdoors, I rarely watch or read the news. I feel like I am really out of the loop. I could solve this by catching up on current events in the evening when I get home from work. But the news is really heavy stuff and unwinding after an 8 hour day with an update on unemployment rates across the U.S. or the death toll in the most recent weather disaster is very contradictory. So, as of late, I have resigned myself to throwing around the much less adult phrase, ‘I saw on Breaking Bad last night…’

2. Fold their laundry immediately after removing it from the dryer

Yes, this is probably the most practical progression of this household chore. But for some reason I can’t explain, after putting my dirty clothes in the washer AND transferring them to the dryer, folding them and putting them in my closet is almost inconceivable. I usually just throw the clean clothes in a pile on my guest bed and let them accumulate until I have a solid 45 minutes worth of clothes folding to do. Then I make an event out of sorting through underwear and socks while watching Netflix. It may not be the most adult way to do it, but I will consider it a tremendous improvement from my regular college practice of putting off doing laundry all together by going to the mall and buying new underwear when I ran out.

Clean unfolded laundry for days.

Clean unfolded laundry for days.

3. Wear matching outfits

People who can construct entire color coordinated outfits and match their jewelry to the whole production blow my mind. I think I have one outfit that is color coordinated but I never wear the skirt without the shirt I bought with it for fear that trying to match it with anything else would result in some sort of fashion shaming. I also recreated that outfit directly from what a mannequin in the store was wearing. So I can’t even take credit for it. I mostly just own a lot of black because it kind of goes with everything and I (almost) can’t mess it up. And I wear the same jewelry practically every day – I even sleep and run in my necklace because I’m too lazy to put it on and take it off daily.

4. Read a book a week

One of my goals this year was to read more and I am failing at it pretty miserably. I really do enjoy reading once I sit down to do it, and a part of me always does intend to do it each night before I go to bed. But somehow reruns Law and Order or Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives usually win because I can have them on in the background while I am doing other things… like folding a massive pile of laundry.

5. Take long leisurely walks with their dog countless times daily

There is a couple in my apartment complex that I see every evening at about the same time walking their dog together. Sometimes she is wearing a dress or long flowing skirt with boots and is outfitted with a cross-body bag. They walk along holding hands and frequently stop to talk to the neighbors.

I am not the worst dog owner in the world. My dog does get walked. It doesn’t happen at the same time every day, and frequently our morning walks are a bit rushed because I overslept or my workout ran over. When it does happen I am DEFINITELY not wearing a skirt. I’m wearing sweatpants and slippers or my outrageous snow boots (yes, they do look fabulous together).

Pajama pants and slippers. Juneau wins best dressed for this walk for sure.

Pajama pants and slippers. Juneau wins best dressed for this walk for sure.

What are some things you would do if you ‘had it together’ more?


5 thoughts on “5 Things people who really have it together do better than me

  1. Haha we’re the same person. I never fold clothes. Ever. I have a giant pile waiting to be put away. And the news- I get all of it from twitter. I’m ashamed. I’m so jealous of your 70 degree weather!

    • Haha well I spoke to soon and now my 70 degree weather is 40 degrees and rainy. Blah. And I am impressed you even get news through Twitter. I only use Twitter to read even more running blogs and articles.

  2. Folding laundry is a myth. I reject that more people do fold than don’t. At least yours makes it out of your dryer…. Between my Husband and me, we will pad through a closed up house to the basement each day to get clothing because neither of us has thought to pull it out of the dryer or even carry it up to be remotely in the room we should be dressing in.

    I do read a lot, but I never bother with the news – even when I too went through my treadmill training phase early on… I mostly just watched Travel Channel. Because I was inside and I wanted to pretend I was somewhere exotic.

    Good post!

      • yeah. It’s not that its a “least favorite” chore…just that it’s something that is just …so… forgettable… and.. kinda boring. 🙂 I concur on the bathroom cleaning too… which is why that is the Husband’s task. I clean the rest of the house, he does the bathrooms. fair? I think it is.

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