Buy ALL the running things!

**A quick update. My self-diagnosed nagging (that’s a medical term) Piriformis muscle is feeling much better this week. So I am more at ease than I was about Richmond being only 4 DAYS AWAY. Woah! I’ll post about it in more detail later this week.**

It’s cold outside. Many would probably disagree with me and say that it’s not really ‘cold’ unless it drops below freezing or snow starts falling from the sky but I am not a friend to cold weather and I have pretty poor circulation so when it drops too far below 60 I am officially cold. Yeah, I know. I’m a whimp. I don’t care.

Typically, as winter approaches, I am quick to take cover indoors for my workouts whenever possible. But I have enjoyed running outdoors so much this past training cycle that I am going to attempt to be a little more resilient as the temperatures drop this year. And being the cold-averse whimpy runner that I am, I will definitely be bundling up.

I have been pining over every cozy, moisture-wicking article of clothing that comes across my computer screen lately. And I have convinced myself that basically anything that has thumb holes is a necessity.

I haven’t actually made any purchases because the price point on winter running clothes isn’t something I have come to terms with yet. This is probably the reason that I own exactly one pair of long running pants and only two long-sleeved running tops that aren’t race shirts. But I have been online window shopping and here are a few of the things I have stumbled on…

Brooks JacketBrooks Utopia softshell jacket. I really love the plaid pattern and am pretty sure I would wear this non-stop even when I wasn’t running. Yes, it does have thumb holes, which automatically makes it fantastic.

Brooks Base LayerBrooks Equilibrium base long-sleeve shirt. I am not usually a fan of tight-fitting tops but my understanding is this base layer is magical and somehow both insulates and breathes so it can keep you warm in cold temperatures and cool you down when it warms up. If it works the way they claim it does, it would be nice to be able to use the same base layer through the fall, winter, and early spring.

Janji TightsJanji women’s running tights. I bought a pair of shorts from Janji in the spring and love them. Janji is a great company that designs and sells running clothes and gives a portion of the money from each item they sell to organizations around the world that help provide food, nutritional medicine, and clean water to communities in need. You would think with a business model like that their prices would be out of control but they are actually on par with what you would pay for clothes from any other running company.

I also really need to find some gloves to run in because, if I’m being honest with myself, shoving my fingers into my shirt sleeves isn’t actually an effective way of preventing them from going numb. I haven’t browsed the internet for gloves yet though because, well, gloves are boring. Anyone have any suggestions?

Just a note that I am not sponsored or reimbursed by either of these companies and have not received any free gear from them. That’s probably obvious because if I got these clothes for free I would be wearing them not staring at them on the internet. I just wrote this rambling post because I wanted to revel in the winter running gear wonderland with my readers!

Do you exercise outside through the winter or retreat indoors? What’s your favorite winter workout gear?


11 thoughts on “Buy ALL the running things!

  1. I am all about the layers in winter. I start with my long Lululemon tank because I can tuck it in (and use it all year long) and then add a half-zip (or a long-sleeved with a half-zip) or fleece. I want to check out Janji now…glad you mentioned it!

    • Definitely check out Janji. They don’t have a TON of variety because they are a smaller operation but I love that they give back to a good cause. I love tons of things on the Lululemon site but have never actually bought something from them. I’ve heard great things about their stuff but can’t quite stomach the $42 for a tank top price.

  2. I hope everything is okay for Richmond! You’ve got this girlie 🙂 How cold does it get in Raleigh in the winter? I’m doing research, mwhaha. I’m over PA!

    • It gets a little chilly – we still definitely have a winter season that calls for layers and boots. And we get snow but not typically more than a couple of inches… and of course everybody freaks out and everything shuts down whenever it happens. I think you would definitely get some relief from the PA winter. And thanks so much for the positive words! Definitely appreciate it!!

  3. Totally agree, I love anything with a thumb hole ! But also love my Helly Hanson base layer, its snugly tight and long so it covers your hips and perfect for wearing under tshirts, jackets or anything high vis at the moment!

    Good luck with the marathon, look forward to reading all about it

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