You must be joking

I swear when I wrote my post during the first week of my taper I literally knocked on wood when I wrote that I was thankful for making it to that point healthy and injury-free. I was worried I may have been speaking too soon and jinxing myself. My worries may very well have been valid.

I have been chugging down Emergen-C’s, stretching, and foam rolling like it’s my job the past week or so. But as of yesterday I have a nagging pain in my lower back on my right side running down into my IT band. Fantastic.

I don’t know what the onset was. It wasn’t caused by any particular event or run. All I know is that the most painful thing I can do right now is sit.

I spent the better part of yesterday evening icing and reading articles online that would make me feel better about my situation at a little over a week to race day. I did read several (here, here, and here for anyone reading this who is also freaking out and looking for reassurance) that mentioned sudden aches and pains in various body parts isn’t uncommon at this stage in a taper as the body heals itself. I have no idea if that’s accurate in my case or at all but I am willing to buy it for the sake of positivity right now.

I’m not entirely unlucky, it would seem. There is noisy construction going on in my office again today so I have already been told to work from home. A day free to work laying flat on my back with my laptop and an ice pack instead of sitting hunched over a desk? I’ll welcome that with open arms.

Welcome to my home office/recovery center.

Welcome to my home office/recovery center.

Anyone have fun plans for the weekend?

I’ll be going to a wedding on Sunday and apparently otherwise will be having several hot dates with my foam roller and my couch.


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