The ghosts of costumes past

Happy Halloween!

As it stands right now I plan to do very little to celebrate this evening. Jeremy and I are leaving town for Charlotte tomorrow and are wanting to preserve our energy and money for the weekend so you can probably find me on the couch with a fall beer watching a scary movie tonight. The scary movie is by Jeremy’s choice, not necessarily mine. He loves scary movies and, even though I don’t at all, I have always agreed to watch them with him around Halloween and he repays me by not asking me to watch them most of the rest of the days of the year. It’s definitely a compromise I can live with.

I didn’t want to let the holiday pass by without even acknowledging it though, so I thought I would use the blog as a means of reflecting on some of my past costumes. Well, at least the ones I could manage to find pictures of.

Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood…


A ninja with my zombie date…


This likely requires some explanation. This was while I was studying abroad and they don’t do a lot of dressing up in Australia. The party my friends and I went to was a black out party so everyone wore all black. Wanting to honor our American roots, one of my friends and I picked black compound words to dress up as so that we could wear mostly black and still be something.  I wore all black and decked myself out in glow sticks. A black light. When all was said and done I suppose I didn’t think it was obvious enough so I wrote ‘blacklight’ in Sharpie down my arm. My friend is a black eye. We’re so clever…


Jolly and I were green and pink troll dolls. This is about as creative as my post-childhood Halloween costumes ever got. I’m also wearing a pink jewel on my belly button and bright pink Converse high-tops…


This also requires an explanation. My friends and I decided we didn’t want to go out and do anything for Halloween, and then later decided that we were missing out and sitting around studying is for losers. So we became the three blind mice…


What are you doing/dressing up as this Halloween? What’s your favorite costume (of yours) ever?

I was a ninja turtle as a kid. And ninja turtles are pretty much the coolest so that is definitely a top contender.


One thought on “The ghosts of costumes past

  1. Wait… my friend and I decided to go the cop out route and be the three blind mice tonight hahahah yes, easiest costume ever.

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