Giving back to the running world

Running has added so much to my life – probably more than any other hobby I have ever enjoyed. It has taught me independence, confidence, and mental toughness. It inspired me to start this blog, which I love immensely. Lately I have started to realize that, considering all the wonderful things that running has given to me, I really want to give something back to that little world and be a more active part of it. So I have been on the look out for ways to volunteer and am pretty excited about a few opportunities that have popped up.

First of all, I have never volunteered at a race before. I know. You can all feel free to runner shame me because I clearly should have done this, multiple times, long ago. But last weekend I signed up last minute to help out at the Bull City Race Fest in downtown Durham. This was a pretty big event with a mile run, 5 miler, and half marathon. They were still looking for a few volunteers a couple of days before the Sunday races so, with a completely open weekend, I jumped on the chance. I was assigned to the team working at the 5 miler finish area. It was more than a little cold outside that morning but I had a great time passing out medals to finishers. Everyone was so friendly and extremely grateful to the volunteers. Exactly what I would expect from a giant crowd of runners (I mean, we ARE pretty awesome people).

I have been hearing a lot of great things in the social media and blogging world about Girls on the Run. It sounds like such a great organization so, a few weeks ago, I browsed their website for general information and to scope out volunteer information. I would love to be a coach but, for the most part, this commitment isn’t one that seems like it will work out for me. Most of the groups meet in the afternoon right after school hours and, being in the office until 5:30 or later most days, I know it just isn’t going to pack into my schedule well. Luckily, there was still a chance to help the organization by being on the planning committees for their annual spring 5k. I contacted the event organizer for more details and now am looking forward to the first planning meeting on November 5th!

I’m pretty excited to help out GOTR and volunteer in a lot more races down the road. Anything to help other people enjoy running as much as I do!

Do you do any volunteer work? Tell me about it!


3 thoughts on “Giving back to the running world

  1. Of course I love this! You should definitely help out with the planning committee/fundraising committee! Also- you could tell them that you’d be a running buddy for any girl that needs one and they’ll set you up with one.

    Let me know if you need any help! I love the ladies at GOTR and they’re VERY helpful!

    • Awesome! Thanks for the tip I didn’t know you could be an individual running buddy that is really cool. I am definitely looking forward to helping out with the 5k. First meeting’s next week! 🙂

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