#Winning Wednesday 4

Another week, another Wednesday. I can’t believe October is almost over! It’s madness. Here are the top five things that are winning this week.

1. My brother is engaged!

My brother proposed to his girlfriend of seven-ish years on Sunday. He asked her in a spot overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains in some fantastically romantic fashion that I can’t envision my brother executing because, well, he’s my brother and I have a hard time envisioning him doing a lot of things that aren’t picking me up from middle school and leaving dirty clothes and towels all over the floor of our shared childhood bathroom. Anyways, I am so proud of him and excited for both of them. My self-absorbed side is also happy for me because Melissa is great and I scored big time in the sister-in-law department.


2. The taper is coming! The taper is coming!

This week is my last high mileage training week before the Richmond marathon. My long run this weekend will be somewhere around 20 miles and from then on I won’t go over about 12. Usually I am pretty indifferent to the pre-race taper – I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. But this time around I am really looking forward to two weeks of low mileage. My body is tired and I feel like I need this time to restore my sanity and bring my mindset back to the reasons I have to be so excited for this race.

The training schedule on display on the fridge.

3. A to-do listless week

I am an avidly spastic to-do list maker. I almost always have a running list of chores, tasks, and reminders in a given week. Sometimes this works out in my favor because I remember to do things that I may otherwise forget, but sometimes it leads to me having unrealistic expectations of how much I can really fit in between work, running, having an existent social life, and my lists. Some weeks it feels like no matter how many things I cross off my list, there is still so much more to be done. Last week I was feeling less than motivated in pretty much every way and a to-do list never happened. And the world didn’t end. So now I am thinking I need to cut myself a little more slack and lay off the lists more often.


4. Just one more month…

The Catching Fire movie comes out exactly one month from yesterday. In case it wasn’t obvious, I am more than just a little excited about this.


5. My new cold weather best friend

I bought the most comfortable scarf this weekend and I am in love. It is truly like the Snuggie of scarves and I am pretty sure it is going to be a fall and winter staple (who am I kidding, probably spring, too). I really hate being cold so any article of clothing that can make me feel as if I’m wearing my old, nasty, torn up UNCW sweatshirt while still looking socially acceptable is a winner.


What are your thoughts on training tapers – love ’em or hate ’em? Are you a Hunger Games fan?


2 thoughts on “#Winning Wednesday 4

  1. Congrats to your brother! I’m a monster during taper. All I want to do is eat and feel sorry for myself because I can’t run. Basically I warn everyone to steer clear 😉

    • Normally I get pretty antsy during it but this has easily been my toughest training cycle so I think my body is ready for a bit of a break. I say that now, but after a week of it I’m sure my attitude will have changed and the eagerness will set in.

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