A Mount Airy wedding weekend

I meant to talk a little more about my friend’s wedding that we went to a few weeks ago but just didn’t get around to it. Even though it’s late, I’m going to tell you about it now anyways because I just need to gush about how terrific it was.

Jolly and I have been close friends since freshman year of college. You have probably heard me refer to her both as ‘Jolly’ and ‘Lauren’ on this blog. Really, I call her Jolly – her former last name. But in the midst of her engagement and wedding happenings I found myself surrounded by her family a lot more frequently and kind of felt weird calling her Jolly when there were like four other Jollys in the room. So I was all sorts of mixed up for a while there. But from now on I am going back to calling her Jolly full-time. Apologies for the tangent, just had to clear that up.

Anyway, I was thrilled when Vaughan proposed to Jolly because they are perfect together and he makes her so happy. And I was equally thrilled that Jolly asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. This was the first wedding I have ever been in and it was so special to be a part of the whole event.

Jolly and Vaughan got married in Mt. Airy, NC on a huge farm property that they found online and rented from the owner for the weekend. Although Mt. Airy isn’t necessarily the most happening place in the state of North Carolina (unless you are into Andy Griffith themed tourist attractions… in which case this place is like your promised land), but it sure is beautiful during the change of seasons.

A view of Pilot Mountain on our way into Mt. Airy.

A view of Pilot Mountain on our way into Mt. Airy.

Jeremy and I made the easy two hour trip on Friday afternoon after I finished up my long run (20 miles, a trip in and of itself) and made it to our hotel in plenty of time for me to get ready for the rehearsal. My college roommate and fellow bridesmaid Lucy and I MAY have been an hour late to the rehearsal because we drove 15 miles in the wrong direction to another road with the exact same name as the wedding venue. Worst. Bridesmaids. Ever. But really, who names two roads the exact same thing in a town that small?

The rehearsal dinner was at Old North State Winery in downtown Mt. Airy. Our party was in the cellar, where they make and bottle the wine and keep all of the barrels, which I thought was pretty cool. The food was absolutely DELICIOUS – feta and spinach stuffed chicken with asparagus, potatoes, and some sort of cold squash and zucchini salad. Dessert was made by Vaughan’s mom, who makes amazing and creative cakes.

It's a 6-pack cake! With their initials on the bottles and everything.

It’s a 6-pack cake! With their initials on the bottles and everything.

On the morning of, Jolly’s step-mom and her sister (who own the salon near Raleigh that I go to) did all of the bridesmaids’ and bride’s hair. We started getting ready early because the bridal party and the groom and all his groomsmen each took a separate round of pictures a few hours before the ceremony. Before we knew it, it was nearly time to start the main event. Let me tell you, Jolly looked GORGEOUS and was so calm and collected the whole day. This girl makes getting married look easy.

The beautiful bride. Just sippin' a mimosa and waiting to get married... no big deal.

The beautiful bride. Just sippin’ a mimosa and waiting to get married… no big deal.

Lucy and I waiting for the ceremony to start.

Lucy and I waiting for the ceremony to start.

The ceremony was perfect. I honestly loved every bit of it from the songs that they chose, to their vows, down to the way the groomsmens’ bow ties matched her wedding colors, coral and mustard.


The reception was equally, if not more impressive because I knew that Jolly and Vaughan had made almost every bit of it from scratch. Vaughan and his cousin brewed all of the beer that was served. There were like 8 different options and they were so good. Jolly made the centerpieces and other decorations herself because she is just that crafty. Vaughan even made the dance floor and bar. All of it was ridiculously impressive.


Not to mention ridiculously fun. So many of Jeremy and I’s friends were at the wedding and the bride and grooms’ families are both light-hearted and fun so it was easy to have a good time. There was a lot of eating (the cake was lavender & lemon flavored and I may have eaten a piece the size of my head), a lot of drinking yummy homemade beer, and of course, perhaps as a direct result of number 2, there was A LOT of dancing.

The first dance.

The first dance.

Candid of Jeremy and I dancing.

Candid of Jeremy and I dancing.

My two college besties (and yes, we are "the three best friends that anyone could have").

My two college besties (and yes, we are “the three best friends that anyone could have”).

Jeremy and I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of Jolly and Vaughan’s big day. They are a beautiful couple whose relationship is definitely one worth celebrating.

Where and when was the last wedding you went to?


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    • Thank you! The bride was amazing and just told us what color she wanted the dresses to be and then let us pick out our own. It was awesome because we could all pick out things that were in a good price range for us and dresses we knew we would actually wear again.

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