#Winning Wednesday 3

Welcome to #Winning Wednesday Charlottesville edition! Like I said in yesterday’s post, I visited my parents this past weekend and, even though it rained the ENTIRE time (no exaggeration), I had a great trip. Here are a few things that were winning during my visit and the days that have followed.

1. Bodo’s bagels

If you’ve never been to Charlottesville, you probably have never experienced Bodo’s. And you, my friend, are missing out. They have the most delicious fresh-baked bagels. I have yet to be able to find a bagel that I like as much anywhere, ever. I make it a point to go for lunch at least once during every visit back to my hometown and this time I also brought back some bagels for Jeremy and I to enjoy this week. Yum!


2. Pumpkin butter

My mom and I made a trip to the newly installed Trader Joe’s because she hadn’t been to it yet. We wandered the aisles and picked up some very random selections along with some necessities for dinner that night. I think my mom was somewhat overwhelmed. I, on the other hand, was able to seek out fun fall items like a pumpkin-sniffing bloodhound. I got a jar of pumpkin butter to try and the verdict is that it is, in fact, as delicious as it sounds. If you like pumpkin flavored things and enjoy apple butter you should probably drop whatever you’re doing right now and go buy this. Just sayin’.

Pumpkin Butter

3. A trip to Sammy Snacks

Sammy Snacks is a great local store that sells homemade dog treats. Juneau absolutely loves their cheddar flavored snacks so we have to go there and pick up something for her whenever we are in town. Her grandma bought her a box of delicious snacks that are two cheddar treats with peanut butter in the middle (an Oreo for dogs!) and a bully stick which is some kind of rolled up hide. Juneau is a big fan of both, as if there was any doubt!


4. King Family Vineyard

My high school friend Rachel was visiting C’ville this weekend as well and invited me to go wine tasting with her on Saturday afternoon. By her recommendation, we met at King Family Vineyard which is literally just miles away from my old high school but I, being the blissfully ignorant former Charlottesvillian that I am, never knew it was there. Even though it was overcast and damp, the vineyard was absolutely beautiful. It may have even been more scenic in the gloomy weather because the fog was settling over the mountains. We tasted five of King Family’s wines (and may have giggled immaturely at the funny wine descriptions) and then sat outside with a glass each. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

A soft attack with warm spice on the mouthfeel? Is mouthfeel really a word?

A soft attack with warm spice on the mouthfeel? Is mouthfeel really a word? And either way… ew.


5. The sun does still exist

I saw the sun for the first time in over a week on Monday evening when Juneau and I were on our way to agility class. I think it was still raining in Durham at the time and the sunlight wasn’t entirely sure it wanted to come out but it was definitely showing it’s face to some degree and that’s progress I can be happy with.


What is your favorite bagel place? I need specifics, people. I am determined to know if any bagel in the world can beat Bodo’s. What is your favorite fall themed food lately?


Tell me what you think!

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