#Winning Wednesday 2

I’m back for a second Wednesday in a row to tell you some of the things that have been great over the past week. I’m not planning for this to be an EVERY Wednesday thing because some Wednesdays I will surely be blog negligent and some Wednesdays I’m certain that I will be cranky and feel like absolutely nothing is winning except the hellish Wednesday itself that is kicking my butt at the time. Fortunately, that is not the case today so, without further delay, here is what is winning this Wednesday…

1. I am raising Superdog

I confess I may be slightly overreaching there, but doesn’t every parent think their child is the most marvelous gift to the universe ever born? Well, I’m no different. Except my child is my dog.

Juneau participated in her first agility trial this weekend! We did “For Exhibition Only” events because I know she is not good enough yet to qualify or place or anything. We were just there for fun. I had to correct her on a few obstacles and she got really distracted at one point but she is really getting the hang of it considering she has been doing agility for less than 4 months. So, like I said, Superdog.


2. Revenge has returned

I may love this show a little bit too much but since it is the only show that I watch every single week I think that is excusable. (Law and Order and Law and Order SVU don’t count because they’re always on so I am kind of cheating.) Now I have another reason to look forward to Sundays along with sleeping in and Panthers football games.

3. Some of my race photos are actually decent!?

I was more than a little surprised when I got an email with previews of photos snapped of me during the Midtown Race Series Johnson Lexus Half Marathon. I had prepared myself for the usual unattractive faces of agony and camera angles that make my legs look cringeworthy but it turns out there were one or two that I sort of liked. It’s a race photo miracle!

Race Picture

4. Key lime flavored Chobani

Seriously. Have you tried this yogurt? I tasted it for the first time this weekend and it is obscenely good. I mixed a tablespoon of almond butter into it which tasted a lot like a graham cracker pie crust alongside the key lime flavor. Holy deliciousness, Batman. If you were wondering, Chobani doesn’t compensate me or send me boatloads of free yogurt to say stuff like this. I only wish someone would send me boatloads of free yogurt.


5. It’s wedding weekend!

One of my best friends is getting married on Saturday and I am so excited to stand beside her as she takes this huge step. Jeremy and I will be heading to Mt. Airy, NC, on Friday for the weekend full of festivities. Jolly is going to be the most beautiful bride and, knowing her and Vaughan, I have no doubt that this wedding is going to be ridiculously fun. I can’t wait!


What plans are you looking forward to this weekend? What’s your favorite TV show?


4 thoughts on “#Winning Wednesday 2

    • Sometimes when someone in my family has snapped a picture of me in a race it has been pretty decent. I guess because they are usually from a distance with a crappy digital camera. I think mega zoom, high definition cameras are the problem with professional race photos. Running is not an attractive enough sport to be experienced in high definition!

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