September Foodie Penpals

This month was my first time participating in The Lean Green Bean’s Foodie Penpals! If you haven’t checked out this fun program yet (whether you’re a blogger or not), do it!

I was paired up with Adriana this month and had almost as much fun meandering around Whole Foods picking out things for her as I did getting my box in the mail. Emphasis on almost… because I was more than a little excited to open this box.


Here is what Adriana sent me…

20130930-204059.jpgSingle serving cooked brown rice and quinoa. This is going to be perfect to take with my leftover lunches at work.

20130930-204308.jpgI am not a regular tea drinker but with colder weather around the corner and a need for a coffee alternative to appease my growing caffeine addiction I have thought about becoming one. Since I already know I like the flavor profile of chai tea, this will be perfect.

20130930-204738.jpgHaving a light natural sweetner in the cupboard will be nice for smoothies and whatnot.

20130930-204949.jpgMore single serving on the go perfection! These may or may not end up gone by the end of this week.

20130930-205115.jpgClearly Adriana was channeling me when she picked out these last two items. I have a not even remotely secret obsession with almond butter and am almost done with my current jar. I had a long-lasting Nutella bender back when I was studying abroad in Australia years ago. (I kid you not, pretzels dipped in Nutella for days.) For some reason I haven’t had it since. Nostalgia and deliciousness coming right up!

Thanks so much for the great eats, Adriana! I can’t wait to enjoy them!


4 thoughts on “September Foodie Penpals

    • Haha exactly what I said when I opened the box. It was challenging to restrain myself from opening all the containers long enough to take pictures first.

    • It’s really fun, you should try it out! Her whole blog is awesome too. She is a registered dietitian and has so many great recipes on there!

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