#Winning Wednesday

Since Wednesdays are always in need of a little extra boost of positivity (and because there can never be enough Charlie Sheen references), I thought I would dedicate today’s post to all the things I’m loving lately that are totally winning in my book.

1. Two ingredient pumpkin cupcakes

I followed in Reading Runner Girl’s footsteps this past weekend and made these delicious pumpkin wonders. They literally only take two ingredients: a can of pumpkin and a box of yellow cake mix. You can choose whatever additions float your boat (I chose chocolate chips). Jeremy and I ate the whole batch over the weekend. And he was raving about how amazing they were the entire time. Getting praised as the world’s best girlfriend and chef over and over just for mixing two ingredients together in a bowl? Yeah. Totally winning.


2. Brooks Pure Flow 2’s

I got my new Brooks Pure Flow 2’s about two weeks ago and am totally loving them. The cushioning is fantastically cloud-like but they are still lightweight and just feel FAST. I am easing into them mileage-wise since lightweight shoes are a new thing for me but I think it is safe to say these are going to be a new staple shoe for me!


3. Aviator Brewery… discount style

Jeremy and I visited Aviator Brewery in Fuquay Varina this past weekend and loved it. I had bought us a Groupon deal that included 2 tours with samples, 2 pint glasses, 2 six packs of beer to take home, and 2 Aviator stickers for $19. We will definitely be going back. And for those of you who live in the area, I think the Groupon is still available so jump on it!


4. Work trips

I traveled to DC this afternoon for a conference for work and will be here for the next two days. I’m sure people who have to travel for work on a real frequent basis don’t share my sentiments here but I love traveling for work. It’s most likely because I sit a the same desk and stare at the same screen most of the time for my work so I love the opportunity to get far away from my office and change things up.


5. This picture of Juneau napping

No words are necessary…


Those are the things winning in my world this Wednesday. That was pretty fun. Who knows, maybe #Winning Wednesdays will become a quasi-regular thing.

What are you loving this Wednesday?


6 thoughts on “#Winning Wednesday

  1. I’ve done #1 before and those muffins are definitely the easiest recipe I’ve ever followed! Fun fact: if you make them with spice cake mix instead of yellow cake mix they taste sooooo amazing! I usually put chocolate chips in mine too!

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