Hitting the wall

Sorry for my recent several day blog abandonment. I have several excuses and I will start with the positive and more fun one first.

I went out of town for the long weekend to celebrate one of my best friend Lauren’s bachelorette party in Wilmington. We rented a big house downtown and filled it up with a group of 11 girls. We spent some quality time on Wrightsville Beach, stuffed ourselves with good food (think Thai and sushi – YUM), and celebrated in some of Lauren’s favorite local bars. Both of us went to undergrad in Wilmington and it is always so fun to go back and get all nostalgic for our college days. Needless to say, in a house with so many women excited to be on a beach vacation, there was little sleep to be had.

Beautiful day on Wrightsville Beach.

Beautiful day on Wrightsville Beach.

A few of us at a delicious sushi dinner.

A few of us at a delicious sushi dinner.

I didn’t do any running or exercising during our trip because ain’t nobody got time for that. I had anticipated that this would be the case and worked my butt off to get my training workouts in Monday through Friday before departing for the beach early Saturday morning. This would be reason number two for the prolonged blog absence – between workouts and work I was busy and le tired.

I am mostly happy to say that I did fit everything in. I say mostly because, well, let’s just say the 16 mile long run I fit in after work on Friday evening was not my finest hour(s). The whole thing reminded me why I NEVER do long runs in the afternoon. It was hot, I was mentally defeated from over thinking the run all day at work, and I never know how to eat when I have to strategically plan multiple meals before a long run. I ran every bit of 16 miles. But even at a slower than normal pace it took everything I had and afterward I was spent and nauseous.

Now my body is punishing me. Which would be reason number three for my recent silence. Last week I experienced some soreness in the arch of my right foot that had me worried I was developing Plantar Fasciitis. I did some research and found some great tips and stretches that I implemented throughout the week with really good results. (I am going to share all of that information in my next post because I really think it helped.) It felt really good leading up to and during my long run so I told myself I could go ahead and do it as long as I was sure to stop if the pain returned. I was excited when my feet felt great during the run – actually they were pretty much the only thing that I would have said felt great.

Ever since, various aches and pains in my right leg have been hitting me pretty hard. My calf, my heel, and occasionally as high up as my hamstring and butt are all sore. I can’t even determine where the problem is originating at this point. Things that have definitely NOT helped me recover: riding in a packed car full of girls and luggage to and from Wilmington, not having my foam roller or ice packs on hand for several days after the long run, and walking on the sidewalks downtown with shoes that are less than supportive. Had I thought to bring my running shoes I seriously would have worn them out with my dresses at night to ease the pain.

A new week of training is supposed to be in full swing and right now it’s just not because things ache too much. I know I need to be taking some time off/easy… but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Basically what I am trying to say in all honesty is that I have been neglecting writing and reading posts because lately the idea of doing it when my training is at a standstill seems kind of depressing and irritating.

Upon re-entering the blog world I am finding that more than a handful of other bloggers I follow are having issues with burn-out, injury, and illness recently too. While I don’t wish it on anyone, I guess it is good to know I am not alone. Maybe it is just that time in Fall race training season when people have issues with hitting the wall? Here’s hoping we all get past it quickly and safely.

Are you currently dealing with burn-out, injury, or illness? How are you handling it? What are your opinions on and/or approaches to taking time off during training?


4 thoughts on “Hitting the wall

  1. Dealing with illness this week! And as for your foot, I hope it’s not PF. I’ve had it for years and deal with it every day. I hope that your leg straightens itself out soon. Hang in there!

    • Thanks girl! I read your post about the sickliness so you were among the many blog buddies I was referring to. Everywhere I look in blogland it seems like someone is sick, injured, or just not feeling it.

      I have a few questions about your PF, if you don’t mind. I am still trying to determine if I have it because right now the rest of that leg is so out of wack I can’t sort out what’s what. So it seems like you still run even though you’re dealing with it? Or do you have to take long periods of time off when it is really bad? My foot almost never hurts while I am actually running but it hurts when I’m not, which seems strange. So I can’t tell whether it is making it worse to be running on it. Also, my foot isn’t doing the thing where it is really painful in the morning that I have read about when I was researching it. Does yours do that?

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