Sweet potato bender

I have a tendency to go through phases where I get super obsessed with particular foods and eat something every single week for an extended period of time, sometimes multiple times a week. Well lately, I have been all about some sweet potatoes.

Frequently I hear that foods are good for me and readily assume it to be true without having an understanding of why. I’m the type of person to jump in on the flax seed frenzy or quinoa cult without having the slightest clue why all the health foodies are pushing it. I am trying to change that because, actually, I have a real interest in nutrition and health and a desire to know more about it – I just need to stop being a lazy bandwagoner and start informing myself.

A quick Google tells me that sweet potatoes are packed with calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and C. One 3.5 ounce serving has 140 calories, no fat, minimal sodium, 47% daily value of Vitamin C and 15% of Vitamin A based on a 2,000 calorie diet. (Source)

Cool. Now I know. And so do you if you didn’t already.

Since I am not particularly crafty in the kitchen I usually stick to the simple baked sweet potato or chop them up and oven roast them with some olive oil.

This week I decided to try some new sweet potato recipes (all inspired by other bloggers who are much better chefs) and went a little bit potato-crazy at the store so I have been eating the stuff all week. All of them turned out amazing so of course I wanted to share them with you.

Inspired by Run Eat Repeat, Tuesday night I made a fresh salad topped with chopped baked sweet potato and goat cheese. The potato made the salad a much more filling meal and the flavor of the goat cheese with it was amazing. Since I didn’t want salad dressing to overpower those two flavors I drizzled a little balsamic vinegar over everything and it worked perfectly.


With some of the extra potato I made a microwave sweet potato muffin for dessert. I got this easy recipe from The Lean Green Bean and it is already my second time using it. This time I substituted quick oats for the flour and it still turned out great.

This picture would be a lot prettier if I had  proper ramekin.

This picture would be a lot prettier if I had a proper ramekin.

Last night’s dinner was especially delicious. Jeremy and I made curried sweet potato and black bean tacos. This recipe also came from The Lean Green Bean. I doubled the recipe and it ended up making about 6 or 7 large tacos (we each had two and there was a lot leftover). The curry flavor was an amazing addition to the potatoes – pure brilliance. We each used some goat cheese leftover from Tuesday instead of shredded cheese in one of our tacos and that turned out to be delicious.


You would think I would be sick of sweet potatoes by now. But I definitely just ate some of last night’s leftovers over quinoa for lunch. Looks like the sweet potato bender is still going strong!

What foods are you loving right now? Do you have a favorite sweet potato recipe?


7 thoughts on “Sweet potato bender

  1. I am the same exact way with food obsessions. Sweet potatoes, avocados, cous cous, tofu, frozen mangos from Trader Joe’s have all made the list. Currently though, I’m obsessed with Greek yogurt– the plain kind. I eat it with every meal, sometimes AS a meal. And I find a way to incorporate it into any recipe. I love making Greek yogurt pancakes!

    I might try some of these recipes, they look good!

    • I’m with you on the Greek yogurt. Typically I like plain as well with a little bit of honey mixed in. But I have been trying some of Chobani’s flavors lately and am really loving the apple cinnamon and the coconut.
      And did you say Greek yogurt pancakes?! What is your recipe for those because that sounds delicious?!

    • They were great! I am usually so boring when it comes to cooking because I’m just not creative and have found a handful of easy healthy recipes that I repeat over and over. I have been really trying to mix in some new stuff lately and all the recipes on your blog have been SO helpful!

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