Balancing act

Saturday was one of those days that challenges you to juggle all the priorities in your life. The long run on the schedule for week 3 of marathon training was 14 miles. And one of my best friends (who’s getting married in October!) had a bridal shower at 11.

The thought crossed my mind more than once to put the run off but ultimately I knew that by not doing it Saturday I was greatly decreasing my chances of getting it done at all. So I began preparing Friday night. I assembled the veggie platter and dip that I had volunteered to bring to the shower, I set out my Garmin, fuel belt, and other running gear, and I ate some delicious froyo (ya’ know, as pre-run fuel).

Pure deliciousness

Pure deliciousness

I woke up to a bright and early alarm at 5:30 AM. I made my way to the greenway and was starting my run just before sunrise.

Up before the sun and ready to rock a long run

Up before the sun and ready to rock a long run

It turned out to be an amazing run. I felt great, enjoyed the experience, and even dodged most of the bad weather that lingered over Raleigh the entire rest of the day and only got rained on for the last mile or so.

I went from post-run sweaty to dressed up and squeaky clean in under an hour and made my way to Lauren’s bridal shower. I had a great time and, more importantly, think the gorgeous bride-to-be did too!

The future Mrs. Thomas and I!

The future Mrs. Thomas and I!

To add to the craziness, I had a cook-out to go to in the evening and had to throw together an appetizer for that. I made a 7 layer Mexican dip (and managed to cry all my make-up off while chopping an onion and had to redo it… girl problems). The cook-out was also great; I got to catch up with some college friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I got home from the cook-out early enough to spend some much-needed quality time with Jeremy and the puppy. A great end to a chaotic day.

I was exhausted by the time I went to bed last night but was also really proud of myself. Sure, I could have easily passed up my long run or the cook-out so I had more free time on my Saturday. But ultimately I weighed all of my engagements and came to the conclusion that all of them were important to me – so I made them all work.

Pic Stitch

Juggling marathon training with all of the other important things in my life is something that is always in the front of mind. Days like yesterday are welcome reminders that I can balance it all.

What did you do this weekend? How do you balance training with your other commitments?


5 thoughts on “Balancing act

    • Yep! Every time I decide I am going to take on a big training schedule my bf even points out to me “so basically you’re working 60 hours a week for the next 4 months”.

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