Seeking inspiration

I have been feeling less than inspired writing-wise this week. I certainly haven’t been neglecting the blog world. In fact, I have probably been spending more time than usual in it. I have read tons of great posts from the many running/fitness/healthy living blogs I follow. I have read an article or two about how to improve and expand a blog’s reach. I have put in some applications to ambassador programs. But when I sit down to think of something to write I just sort of come up with… “meh”.

This would be much easier if I wrote about each and every one of my workouts. My training plan is a pretty consistent pattern from week to week though: easy run, speed workout, easy run, long run, cross-training. I don’t want to bore you with that every single day!

Workout E-Card

This would also be much easier if I were an all-star in the kitchen. But mostly I just throw together the usual things that are easy and healthy. I’m not sure a “recipe” for the salad I made on Monday would be a thrilling read.

So, with no internal inspiration to be found, I thought I would share a few of the amazing blogs that I read that inspire me instead. I have been reading TONS of blogs lately so this list doesn’t even scratch the surface. Maybe that means I will have to highlight a few more amazing reads later on!

Running Feet, Wandering Mind – She makes me laugh out loud almost every single post. So frequently I feel like her and I are on the exact same wavelength which may or may not be creepy to say since we have never met.

Olive to Run – Probably the most motivating blog and social media all-star I know of. Everything she posts everywhere just makes me want to exercise!

Nut Butter Runner – Delicious recipes that are EASY, which really plays to my lack of cooking skills mentioned above.

The Lean Green Bean – She makes me want to meal plan and prep every meal for the next month. This blog is great healthy eating inspiration.

Run Far Girl – Her posts are super informative and her story is truly inspiring even if you have not encountered the same struggles in life.

I hope these amazing bloggers will provide you with some great reading material while I am trying to reflect and create my own. Happy Wednesday!

What are your favorite blogs to read? Do you have a blog I should check out?


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