Revisiting my 2013 goals

I am amazed that July is almost over. I was just looking back through some of my older posts and can’t help but feel as though I wrote some of the ones in February and January two weeks ago.

I have seen a lot of posts in the various blogs I follow checking in on resolutions and goals for 2013 since technically the beginning of the month was the half year mark. It was clear to me that the cool kid thing to do was to not only copy all of these people, but to do it a month late. I’m going with the reverse hipster initiative here: “I wrote 2013 goal update posts AFTER it was cool.”

Anyway, here were the goals I set back in January and where I am with them now.

1. Finish my fifth half marathon and my second marathon. Preferably both in PR time.
Half marathon, check! I ran the Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon in April at a PR time of 1:44:43 and was freaking psyched about it. The second marathon is in the works – in training for the Richmond marathon in November – and I have high hopes for a big PR. And I do mean a big one. It will have to be because I have taken this original goal up a notch by setting the lofty goal of running this race in Boston qualifying time.


After the Raleigh Rocks Half.

2. Be on time more. I’m late to things far too often.
I am going to give myself an ‘epic fail’ grade level on this one thus far. I am probably on time slightly more because I am more conscious of my timeliness. But I am still late more than your average human being. I think my tardiness is perpetuated by several factors but mostly my obsessive compulsive and overachieving tendencies. Even if I leave myself plenty of time to get somewhere, I will end up using that time to try and squeeze something else from my to do list in or to randomly tidy my already clean apartment. I need someone around constantly to point out to me when I am doing this (aka being insane). I sort of do have that person, but Jeremy can’t actually be around me CONSTANTLY.

3. Do one blog post per week.
I have been much better about blogging than I was before the start of the new year but I don’t think I have written one post every week and my posting is always very sporadic. Lately I have been very into reading a lot of different running, fitness, and food blogs and it makes me want to put a lot more effort toward my own. I would love for Endorphins Junkie to some day be even close to as motivating and interesting as the blogs of these awesome people. I have been taking mental notes as I read them and am going to make some minor tweaks immediately (I have started including discussion questions at the end of posts because I am probably the only person who wasn’t doing that before, I am going to update my About page because it is painfully old, and I am in general just going to be posting more). I am also going to add a few more long-term, blog-related goals to my list to work toward during the rest of 2013.

4. Read more books. I don’t have a set number but “more” is pretty open to interpretation because I didn’t read that many books in 2012 at all.
So far this year I have read Water for Elephants, Bossypants, and am working on finishing Silver Linings Playbook. No, this isn’t a lot of books. But I think it is still more than I read in 2012 (which is kind of pathetic). I have made a list of books I am excited about and want to read when I am done with Silver Linings Playbook so I hope for this list to be much longer before year end.

5. Do agility classes with Juneau. I’ve been wanting to do this so long (I really think she’d be an agility all star).
Check. Juneau and I have been doing agility classes for the past seven weeks. This week was the start of a new six week session. When I enrolled her the first time I just planned to try it out for one session and play it by ear. Turns out she LOVES the classes so much that, when it came time for the first session to end, I couldn’t resist dropping the money for a second. She isn’t an all-star yet but she is improving every week and I think she has the potential to be pretty fantastic.

My girl on her first day of agility. She gets so excited every time we go.

My girl on her first day of agility. She gets so excited every time we go.

So here are my revised goals for the remainder of 2013.

1. Finish my second marathon in Boston qualifying time and remain injury free.

2. Be on time more. Seriously.

3. Improve my blog and expand its reach. Sub goals include: Write at least 2 posts per week, invest in a proper domain name, utilize social media more and consciously try to get more people following the blog.

4. Read 5 more books before the end of the year.

5. Spend more time relaxing; make an effort to fit in time to myself where I have no designated plans or places to be.

6. Get more sleep; go to bed early enough each night that I can get a minimum of 7 hours and still do what I want/need to do in the morning like fit in my workout.

What were your 2013 goals or resolutions? How are they going? What are your best tips for creating a successful blog?


12 thoughts on “Revisiting my 2013 goals

  1. That hill on the Raleigh Rocks course is no joke. I ran that Half last year with a broken foot, so I don’t have the best feelings about it. I didn’t know my foot was broken at the time, but ran in a lot of pain. Where was your first Marathon?

    • Yeah that last hill is unpleasant. To me it is the only particularly difficult hill of the course. Can’t believe you did a half on a broken foot! Yikes! My first marathon was the 2011 Outer Banks Marathon.

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    • Glad I could help remind you! You’ve got a good excuse if they’re not getting checked off yet though because you only made them mid-year so no worries. I made mine back in January so I probably have no excuse for still being late all the time not reading much at all!

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    • Yes! She loves class and gets so excited every time we go. It’s a great way to give her some exercise and fun and at the same time give us some bonding time together.

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