Gearing up for marathon training!

A few weekends ago I found myself with far too much free time on my hands. It seemed everyone had plans and obligations except for me – which very well could have been because I took the Friday after Fourth of July off work and everyone else was in their respective offices not being lazy. Left to my own devices and without a single Law and Order marathon to be found, I decided to go shopping with myself. This was not just any old shopping trip; this was an “Anna’s hyped up for marathon training, let’s blow money on running gear” shopping trip!

Much to my delight, as I walked into Dick’s Sporting Goods I saw they were having a massive holiday clearance sale. Even more to my delight, I soon found out that they had actually included a lot of their top tier running gear in the sale! This NEVER happens… at least not when I am in the store and have the intention of shopping around and spending some money.

I proceeded to spend multiple hours in Dick’s Sporting Goods, take multiple trips to the dressing room with armfuls of clothes, and have multiple truly difficult internal dilemmas about which items to purchase.

In the end – after much deliberation – I was able to narrow down my purchase:


  • A pair of Saucony running shorts. They’re so soft and comfortable it’s not even fair.
  • A Brooks sports bra. I am very stubborn about sports bras and refuse to get rid of them. So I still have awful cotton Nike sports bras from my high school basketball days that are coming apart and cut into my collar bone and upper chest area when I do long runs. My hope is that if I keep buying newer, better sports bras then I will finally realize how stupid it is to keep the old ones. This Brooks bra is so freaking amazing it may succeed where no others have.
  • A Brooks running tank top. This was on sale for $12! The only size they had it in was an XS which was disheartening at first but upon trying it on it actually fit very comfortably. It must have been intended to fit very loosely which, usually, I prefer. But even in an XS the fit isn’t restrictive, a little short but not so much you would notice.
  • An Under Armour headband. Due to my impulsive hair chopping debacle several months ago I still cannot put my hair up properly when I exercise. Rotating 2 headbands until I do laundry really isn’t working (aka I am willing to admit its kind of gross) so I splurged on another one.
  • A Camelbak water bottle. I finally haf to face the sad reality that my last Camelbak that loyally served me for about four years has met its untimely end. I honored it, and our time together, by buying the exact same water bottle (granted in a different color, but only because they didn’t have the same one). Sometimes change is overrated.

I’m ready to roll! If only my body would stop being sick so I can actually start training!


2 thoughts on “Gearing up for marathon training!

    • I know, right? I didn’t even realize how many high quality running brands Dick’s carried until I stumbled on this sale. Some stuff was an additional 50% off the lowest marked price, that shirt being one of them. The shorts and bra weren’t marked down quite as much but were reduced a bit and really reasonable! I was psyched!

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