I should probably unsubscribe to all these emails…

It’s not that I have an online shopping addiction. It’s just that all these companies somehow magically have my email address and they send me seductive messages alerting me to all their sales and promos that are sometimes too hard to pass up.

For example, did I need to buy a new bathing suit this year? No. But clearly Victoria’s Secret didn’t get that memo because they had the Semi-Annual Sale anyway. Then they sent me all these tempting solicitations about free shipping. So now I have a new bathing suit. I would blame Victoria’s Secret but it really just happened because I’m weak. My self control when the cost of something drops below $40 is practically non-existent. On the plus side, my new bathing suit is freaking sweet.

It happened again this week. I usually delete the GNC promo emails. (Which again begs the question: Why for the love of God don’t I just unsubscribe?) But they got me with a three for $25 headline (PLUS $1 flat rate shipping) and a ginormous image of the exact multivitamin I use. Cheap move, GNC. So I bought three bottles of vitamins. Yes, I bought 270 vitamins. So here’s hoping they don’t expire.

In a round about way this somewhat pointless story has brought me around to what is probably the point of this post (if there is one). While buying 270 vitamins is somewhat absurd to me, I am actually extremely excited about this purchase. It was a killer deal but I also just really love these vitamins and normally they aren’t all that cheap. They are GNC brand Women’s Ultra Mega Active. They taste kind of awful and are huge but they don’t make me want to vomit which is really all that matters to me. I bought some generic active women’s multi’s at Target before trying these and literally was nauseous every single morning that I took them. I imagine it is what morning sickness would be like – minus the whole ‘there’s a fetus inside me’ thing. So if you have had issues with vitamin supplements making you sick, give these a shot.

GNCI will also mention that the directions say to take two per day and I only take one. I assume that the food I’m eating all day is contributing to my dietary needs (pizza is a dietary need right?) and I don’t need to get all of my nutrients from a pill.


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