I’m like, “Yo, that’s 150 dollars for a gym membership”

Yes, I know I am supposed to be a financially stable young adult. And I think, for the most part, I am. But I am a financially stable young adult who works for a tiny non-profit organization so, while I can easily shell out my monthly car payment and still not buy all my clothes at the thrift shop (thanks for the title inspiration, Macklemore), I am also not rolling in excess cash.


Not me.

Also not me.

Also not me.

All that being said, I sometimes find it frustrating that, as someone who has the urge to try all the cool workouts everyone else is doing, money can sometimes be a limiting factor.

Exhibit 1: I love the hot yoga studio near me, Arrichion. But a monthly unlimited class membership there costs $89. I don’t hold this against Arrichion AT ALL, mind you, because I know this is average or perhaps less than average for a great yoga studio membership. Problem is, I can’t rationalize spending $90 per month on JUST yoga because that isn’t all I do and I would need to still have a place to lift and cross-train. So I have resigned to waiting around until Arrichion does Living Social deals of $20 for 10 classes… which they do regularly… and I buy every time. Yes, I am that cheap Living Social girl. Judge away.

Exhibit 2: I recently found out there is a popular CrossFit facility near my apartment. I have been dying to try CrossFit because so many of the people I stalk follow via blogging and social media LOVE it. The drop-in rate is $15 per class which is fine and all but I know it is going to take more than a few classes to get the hang of it. And what happens if I become obsessed and am dying for a membership? Well I can have one… if I shell out $149 (!!) per month for a year.

So basically, if I want to be a weight-lifting, yogi, cross-fitter I have to spend $260 per month on gym memberships alone. If I did that, I likely would NOT be making my monthly car payment… because that is equivalent to my monthly car payment! Luckily my regular gym membership is a measly $20/month (thanks, Planet Fitness) and my uber obsession – running – is free. But what’s a girl wanting to branch out into new realms of the fitness world to do?

How about you: What gyms do you belong to? What would you choose between a regular gym membership, yoga, and CrossFit?


2 thoughts on “I’m like, “Yo, that’s 150 dollars for a gym membership”

  1. Great post! We’re actually working on just what you wrote about at Conquerfit. We aim to make healthy living more “accessible, affordable, and enjoyable”. Basically, the more healthy choices you make the more deals & discounts you earn toward future healthy choices! We’re just getting started, but expect more info as the summer rolls on.

  2. I’m lucky enough that my apartment complex’s gym has everything I use outside of running, but I’m already dreading the day that I have to get a gym membership! -H

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