Excuse my blog negligence

Yeah. It’s been a few days (weeks?) since I posted. I am sure that nobody was as conscious of my blogging absence as I was. I really have been meaning to write a post for a while but something – or really anything – always shoves that priority out of the way. I will write a real post soon about one of the legitimate topics that I have been storing in my brain lately. (Because that’s where they’re safe, right?) But, for now, some updates:

My knee is doing a lot better. It is still sore from time to time after a few days of good workouts but it never hurts. And the mere fact that I am able to do several days of workouts in a row worry-free is promising, I think. The beginning of full force marathon training isn’t until July so right now I am just sticking to my original pre-training plan, with a few modifications. I am doing strength training several days a week along with short treadmill runs for cardio and then I am doing one or two “real” runs per week to keep my endurance on track. Knee issues having been all but resolved I am making those weekly real runs about slowly building my mileage back up one week at a time. So far it’s going well.

I got sent to a conference in DC for work last week and the whole thing made me feel really adult. I had minimal complications navigating the metro system, I got to see a high school friend I hadn’t seen possibly in years, and I got to get an intensive 9 hour education in current topics in electric utility law (which sounds awful to probably everyone except me in all my nerdy glory).

The trip resulted in a 2 day work week (yay)! Which thereby resulted in a backlog of emails/things to do at work craziness (boo).

The start of Summer has been fantastic and the pool is my new best friend.

I enrolled my puppy in agility courses and they started this week! More on that soon.

I STILL haven’t picked a marathon training program. Indecisive much?

That’s mostly it. I hope that ya’ll have missed me as much as I’ve missed you. Have a great Wednesday!


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