Rut roh…

You must be kidding me. Literally the very same week that I decide I am going to set ridiculously high goals and announce them to the internet world, my knee starts hurting. I am not particularly sure what caused the problem. I worked out pretty hard cross-training wise last week and maybe that was the perpetrator. But on the way out of town for a wedding last Friday, about 1 and a half hours in to the drive, I stretched my left knee out straight and there was a series of audible and unattractive noises that resulted. Since then it has been dully painful and swollen on occasion. Fantastic.

I have been icing it daily and haven’t run or done any serious exercise since Thursday. Of course that means I am starting to get cranky and sluggish so I am hoping to find something safe to do or to see some improvement very soon before I lose a grip.

I guess, as far as less than serious injuries go, this is a preferable time to encounter a bump in the road. I am still far out from my marathon to the point that an 18 week training plan wouldn’t start until July 15th. That leaves plenty of time to get this little problem behind me and build my mileage back up.

Still, the subtle anxiety this knee issue has caused me is making me be unnecessarily spastic about marathon training. Yesterday I spent multiple hours dwelling over the difference between two possible training plans and wasn’t able to reach a decision (no, I’m not joking).

I was debating between using one of Hal Higdon’s marathon training plans and using the one that the Runner’s World SmartCoach spit out based on some of my stats. I used Hal’s plans for most of my other races in the past but always have to adapt them because running five days a week plus a cross-training day is too much for me (I’m a fan of four running days and one cross-training day). Also, Hal’s marathon plans don’t incorporate speed work until the advanced plan and I feel like speed work is probably necessary in working toward a time oriented goal. The Smart Coach plan is pretty convenient in that it is four running days a week with two mid-length easy runs, one day of speed work, and one long run. It also spits out general pace ranges to be striving for during each of the workouts. But the long runs build up to 20 miles in the first 8 weeks. Granted, the long runs  never go above 20 miles (it just hits 20 then tapers down then goes back up to 20 again for about three total 20 mile runs) – but I don’t know if getting to 20 miles in 2 months is too ambitious. Help!? Any ideas, plan recommendations, etc!?

Okay I am done being both very running nerdy/obsessive about training plans and very whiny about my knee. Promise. At least for now.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “Rut roh…

  1. Hope it feels better soon…why do injuries always seem to come at the worst times? If it helps, I just ran my first marathon using Hal’s Novice II plan (yes, I feel like we are on a first-name basis). I ran M, T, W and Friday, but with no speedwork. I hated not doing speedwork since I really wanted a goal-oriented time, but in the end it was plenty for me, especially with the tempo miles. I strained my quad after my 20-miler and barely made it to race day, so I felt pretty lucky to have made it on bare bones miles and only one 20-mile run, even though I had a very solid base. The length of the training just takes a toll, you know? Best of luck with whatever plan you choose! Oh, and you can still figure out your paces pretty easy with Hal’s plans and your knowledge of your own paces. And no, he didn’t pay me 🙂

    • Thanks for the tips! I think novice 2 is the same Hal Higdon plan I used for my first marathon. It really did work perfectly! I just wonder if the lack of speed work is going to work in training this time around since I am aiming for a specific time goal instead of just trying to run the whole thing and make it to the end regardless of pace. Did you have a pace or time goal in mind for your marathon where you used that training plan? Thanks again!

      • I’m sorry! I don’t know why I thought this was your first marathon! My advice is extra useless :-). I did have a time goal in mind, but missed it by 7 minutes (injured, but the goal was also a stretch.) For you, I would imagine it depends on how much of a stretch your time goal is…good luck!!!!!!

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