What’s Beautiful

So I am sure that plenty of you have heard about the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign. I personally heard about it twice in one week from two of the bloggers I follow – Ritsa and Sarah. So naturally, I had to check it out.


The What’s Beautiful campaign is all about inspiring women to set goals and motivating each other to achieve them. It’s about showing off what’s beautiful about the female athlete and finding the female athlete in ourselves.

The site allows you to set up a personal profile and set your goal – whatever you want it to be. Then you upload pictures and videos that document you working toward your goal and taking on various challenges. You can join or make teams that share similar goals and you can view other profiles to seek inspiration or motivate others. There is also the opportunity to win prizes if you are showing extreme dedication.

To me, this campaign is fantastic in so many ways regardless of whether I win a single thing. It is neat that it is almost like an Instagram made especially for female athletes of all levels. I know that all my social media friends don’t want to hear about all my workouts but it is great that someone is building this type of community where women can show off their achievements and encourage each other. It is also great that it is inspiring women to be proud of the things that already make them strong, healthy, and beautiful but at the same time encouraging them to always strive for improvements. I am all for campaigns that promote positive self-image but I think it is equally important to simultaneously promote a desire to better ourselves. No one is perfect so whether it is physically, emotionally, professionally, or socially there is always room for change.

So the only question was, what goal should I set? I thought about it for quite a while but, really, there was never any question. I’ve been thinking about this goal since the half marathon last month but have just been too afraid to set it and particularly to0 afraid to say it out loud. But if you’re going to set a goal you might as well make it a challenging one so…

I want to run a Boston qualifying time at the Richmond Marathon in November. There. I said it out loud. So now I at least have to give it my very best shot.

This won’t be easy – after all my time for my first and only marathon so far is around 4:30. I need to run a marathon 55 minutes faster than that to get a Boston qualifying time (gulp). But my strong half last month with a sub 8 minute per mile time makes me think it’s possible. And my hardcore training stubbornness makes me think its possible. So, here we go.

If you want to check out my What’s Beautiful page or are participating in the campaign and want to follow each other check me out here!

Have you qualified for Boston before? What training plan did you use? Any advice?


9 thoughts on “What’s Beautiful

  1. Love that you set such a big goal! Qualifying for Boston has always been a long term goal of mine. It will take a lot of hard work but it sounds like you eat hard work for breakfast:)
    I think tempo runs (sustained hard paces for 30-40 minutes) will really help you. They have helped me for sure. Also 3 or 4 20 milers will really help your body learn to burn fuel the way it needs to for the marathon. Good luck and I’ll track you down on the UA page and follow you!

    • Thanks for the tips! My first and only marathon so far I didn’t do any speed work (I was just trying to run the whole way at any speed) so I will definitely have to work that in because it helped a lot with my recent half. Any clue as to if you need to make tempo runs longer when training for a long race like a full or is 30-40 min still a good length? Your goal is amazing and inspiring. I am certainly planning to make a contribution to the great cause. Also, soso glad to hear your son is recovering well! Good luck with training!

      • Usually tempo runs you want to stick to the 30-40 range. You can do steady state runs up to 90 min. McMillan running has great “how to” videos about the different kinds of runs. I recommend watching those videos:)

        • Good to know! Tempo runs are maybe my least favorite thing so I was dreading/completely avoiding the thought of doing longer ones for marathon training. 30 to 40 minutes is about what I think I can tolerate!

  2. I’m running in Richmond this year, as well!!! Can’t wait to read about your training–it’s going to be a FUN race. I’m so excited already. -H (iamlyons.com)

    • That’s awesome! I’m excited too. I haven’t run this race before but have heard so many good things about it. I’m following you now as well – it’ll be cool to hear about someone else’s training for the same race!

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