Social running

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Last week I tried out the Full Steam Ahead! Run Club organized by Bull City Running Company. I was very pleasantly surprised. This group meets every Wednesday evening and has a 3, 4, and 6 mile route to chose from every time. The runs start and end at Full Steam Brewery in downtown Durham. I showed up expecting a handful of runners, wondering if I would be able to find them at the meeting spot. In fact, I arrived to a literal mass of runners spilling out of the entrance to the brewery, onto the sidewalk, and into the street. Finding the group wasn’t a problem at all, but finding a place to park my car proved a bit of a challenge.

I did an easy paced four mile run alongside three strangers and we became pretty quick friends. We talked about our jobs and where we lived a little bit. And we talked about races, training, and running routes A LOT. I could talk about running all day, but I usually hold back because I don’t want to scare off my friends and family. It was nice to openly act like a running nerd and not feel completely deranged (the usual vibe I get when I discuss marathons and 6 AM runs with anyone who doesn’t like running). The idea of meeting at the brewery is obviously brilliant because after the run there is plenty of water, beer, and pizza to go around.

During our run, one of my new friends asked me if I had been to many other group runs in the area. I realized I had never been to ANY group run… anywhere. Holy crap. How anti-social am I!? But now that I know about Full Steam Ahead! and have tried it out, I will definitely be working it into my routine.

Have a wonderful rest of your week! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway by Friday night!


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