The blog birthday giveaway!

It is officially my 50th post! Happy birthday to my blog and a big thanks to everyone who reads it! As I hinted at a few posts ago, my blog’s birthday will also mark my very first giveaway! Alright, I am done overusing exclamation points for a few sentences, I’m sorry.

My brother – a running and mountain biking enthusiast himself – was thoughtful and smart enough to buy me a Road ID bracelet for Christmas. I had never heard of this product before unwrapping it Christmas morning but I am so glad that I finally did. Probably the most popular of Road ID’s products are their ID bracelets which are simple bands with customizable plates inscribed with your emergency information. Mine has my name, birth date, 3 emergency phone numbers, and indicators that I have no known drug allergies and no medical history.

This is not my actual band and therefore not my actual personal information. For anyone out there who was considering being a creeper...

This is not my actual band and therefore not my actual personal information. For anyone out there who was considering being a creeper…

I think runners can sometimes fall under the delusion that they are invincible. It is not uncommon to see a runner out for a double digit mileage workout off the beaten trail in the heat of summer all by themselves. Nor is it uncommon to see a woman running by herself after sunset in the middle of downtown. Road ID provides piece of mind for ourselves and our loved ones that, if something goes wrong, whoever finds us will know who to call and what special health precautions to take. It’s a simple idea really – but a brilliant idea as well.

My bracelet is the “Wrist ID Slim“, which is a simple silicon bracelet with a detachable plate. The slim bracelet comes in multiple colors and sizes. Just a heads up that mine is a size small and fits me perfectly (I have to stretch it to get it over my hand but once it is on my wrist it is just right). And I have SUPER tiny wrists – like the size of an elementary school child.

If you want something a little more high tech than the slim, they have adjustable wrist bands, ankle bands, IDs to attach to your shoes, ID necklaces, and even IDs for your dog. You can check out the full ID lineup here.

Obviously Road ID isn’t just for runners but also all you walkers, bikers, triathletes, skiers, and other athletes out there. And Road ID has other great products like visibility gear and apparel so if you already have a Road ID but were dying to enter this giveaway, don’t freak out!

I am so happy my first giveaway is coming from this company because they are clearly a company very devoted to keeping the runners, bikers, and triathletes of the world safe. Also, the product descriptions on their website literally make me laugh out loud. This description of their 26.2 t-shirt for example:

“Remember that marathon you ran recently? We sure do. You looked great. In honor of this epic accomplishment, we created this wicked-cool twentysix.two t-shirt. Never before has there been such a sexy way to show the world just how awesome you really are. Are they soft? Oh yeah – like a chinchilla wearing a crushed velvet jumpsuit. They are, however, in short supply. So, pick one up today. You won’t regret it. We guarantee it. Seriously, guaranteed.”

With sarcastic writing like that, I know there must be some pretty freaking cool people working at Road ID.

All that being said, today I am giving away a $35 gift certificate to Road ID! I will announce the randomly selected winner of this giveaway in 1 week (as in 7 days from today). You can get yourself entered UP TO THREE TIMES by doing the following things:

1. Comment on this post and tell me what you would buy if you won the giveaway.

2. Follow my blog if you haven’t already.

3. Like my brand spanking new “Endorphins Junkie” page on Facebook.

If you do #2 or #3 let me know that you did them in your comment. If you already follow my blog or like the Facebook page your preemptive awesomeness still counts as entries – so still let me know you did it!


7 thoughts on “The blog birthday giveaway!

  1. Happy Birthday to your blog. It is great and an inspiration to us older walkers. I would love one of those slim wrist ID bracelets (maybe for my birthday???)

  2. Liked and followed!! I would definitely buy the Shoe ID! Or maybe some apparel! Like the guy riding the ostrich tshirt 🙂

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  4. Got you a ‘like’ on Facebook! I am so happy to see that they ship to the UK! If I won the voucher it would be going on 2x roadIDs. One in pink for me and another for my running buddy probably in black. What a brilliant idea they are!
    and a belated Happy 50th post!

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