We love you, Boston

I am relieved to hear from more and more of the Boston runners, residents and their families I know through blogging and other avenues that they are safe.

I am not going to begin to pretend that I can relate to those who were present for the events yesterday, and particularly those who have lost or injured loved ones.

But even hundreds of miles away from Boston, hearing the news made me want to vomit. I almost immediately thought of finishing my first marathon – one of the happiest and proudest days of my life thus far. The fact that someone chose to turn an event as joyous and inspirational as a marathon (and Boston, no less) into something that causes fear, destruction, and suffering makes me sick.

Boston, the running community, and the U.S. in general will come back strong from this because, truthfully, you would be hard pressed to name three more strong-willed and unified groups of people.

I heard from a few people via social media that many in the running community were planning to wear race shirts today in solidarity with those affected by Boston. Unfortunately, I work in a business attire workplace (although I am sure had I known further in advance than this morning in order to ask they would have been just fine with it). So today I am dressed in my usual “lady clothes” but brought along my OBX Marathon t-shirt to keep Boston in my thoughts and to remind myself to be grateful for the runs I have been fortunate enough to finish and for all those I will finish in the future.


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