Pre-race excitement/anxiety/preparation mode engage

My half marathon is bright and early tomorrow. Yikes! I should be feeling uber prepared because I’ve been taking especially good care of myself this week. I haven’t had anything to drink except milk, water, and coffee all week (yes, that means no beer). And I have been drinking ridiculous amounts of water too – like 3 to 4 liters a day. I’ve stretched and foam rolled every night and I’ve been eating pretty great as well.

But, instead of feeling super confident and prepared, I am probably more nervous about this race than any of my past races (marathon included). Come to think of it, maybe all of the preparation has actually been what has made me nervous.

After my long run last weekend I had some issues with tightness and cramping in my left calf. It has slowly (and I mean VERY slowly) gotten better this week but even today has a little twinge of tightness to it that’s kind of worrysome. Oh well. I know I have done what I can for it and at this point will just be hoping for the best.

My Garmin has also been messing with my head today. The one complaint that myself and every review I have read have about the Garmin Forerunner 10 is that it only measures current pace, and not average pace for the run. So I have been training for the past several months since I got the watch using current pace (somewhat begrudgingly). This morning I plugged my watch into my computer to dump my run history and add any updates. Later this evening, as I went through to make sure my watch was charged and all my settings were correct, there it was: a menu that allowed me to toggle between current, lap, and average pace, as well as current, lap, and average speed. What the hell? I swear I have been through every menu and setting on the watch two or three times so it had to been a result of the update. Otherwise I am just losing it, which wouldn’t surprise me.

Anyway, I know you’re not supposed to do anything new on race day but now I have been toying with the idea of using the average pace function instead of current pace (you have to pick one). I feel like using the current pace can only be to my detriment. Even though it is what I have been using during training, it has been part of using the watch that has bugged me a lot recently as my runs have gotten longer.

All that being said, I am psyched for tomorrow. There are lots of positive pre-race signs around me, like…

The race shirt is decent. Last year it was LIME FREAKING GREEN, like a highlighter... hideous. And my race number is even, a relief because odd numbers make me uncomfortable.

The race shirt is decent. Last year it was LIME FREAKING GREEN, like a highlighter… hideous. And my race number is an even number, a relief because odd numbers make me uncomfortable.

My boyfriend made me a wonderful carb load dinner. I know some people don't believe in carb loading, but I do. Because I love carbs.

My boyfriend made me a wonderful carb load dinner. I know some people don’t believe in carb loading, but I do. Because I love carbs.

Not to mention there’s plenty of great Final Four basketball on TV tonight to enjoy while I sit on my butt and relax.

T-minus 9 hours until race time! Good luck to everyone else with races this weekend and the weekends soon to come. Run strong!


15 thoughts on “Pre-race excitement/anxiety/preparation mode engage

  1. Hope the race goes really well. I quite like the current pace on the garmin, use the lap function to check my mile times, stops me stressing so much about getting my pace spot on

  2. I hope the race went well! I hate when something as stupid as a Garmin can through off your confidence level. Hopefully you got it all figured out!

    • Thanks a lot!! Luckily the Garmin issue turned out for the better. I hope your calf problem is doing better. I was dealing with some pre-race calf issues as well but it sounds like yours is much more painful :(. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed things clear up for you before Boston. Good luck!!

      • Yes, the Rock n Roll Raleigh Marathon, the All American Marathon in May, and Greensboro Marathon in October. Those are all on the books and paid for so far. How about you?

        • So far I have only officially signed up for the Wrightsville Beach Marathon and Bull City Race Fest Half. Will likely run the Richmond half marathon as well. Just gonna see what else pops up nearby that sounds fun!

        • I am absolutely open to suggestions! My plan (fingers crossed) is to run the Wrightsville Beach and meet my goal time and then take a break from marathons for some extended period. So any fun races around the area that are distances under 26 miles are what I am on the lookout for. Hope you are staying safe during the NC snowpocalypse!

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