Getting serious

I guess with the half marathon being less than three weeks away and the training I have put in up to this point, I can’t really say I wasn’t serious about it. But you can’t call yourself truly serious about a race if you haven’t even registered yet, can you? Well, now I have finally forked over the cash and officially registered for the half marathon. Even more serious is the fact that I also registered for what will hopefully be my second successful marathon in November. Price increases can be extremely motivating. I may put off signing up for a race for months and months, but if I can save 15 bucks you better believe I will go ahead and register.

Entering my payment information for the marathon was both exciting and unnerving at the same time. The days of training for my first marathon seem to be a distant memory now. However, I do have a really vivid memory of finishing my first 20 mile training run ever, then eating an entire 12 inch pizza by myself and still being hungry. Best. Pizza. Ever.

I’m feeling good about these races overall, though. I feel like I have become a faster and more intelligent runner in the past several months. As long as I can stay injury free, I have pretty high hopes for this year.

Speaking of staying injury free AND being a serious runner, I bought myself my first foam roller last week! I understand it is probably weird that I had not already invested in this contraption at some point in the past three years. Honestly, I wish I had. Because I am in love with my foam roller. Seriously. No one has ever been quite as enthusiastic about a chunk of high density styrofoam as I am right now.


3 thoughts on “Getting serious

  1. Yayy on the reg AND foam roller. My PT just showed my the AMAZING thing to do with the foam roller, I highly suggest if you aren’t already doing it: you do a piriformis stretch (you know with one leg crossed over your other thigh) and then foam roller your bum on the side you are stretching. If you want a deeper “hurts so good” stretch/roll you can lean your body a bit to the side being stretched to put more weight on it. Let me see if I can find a link so you can see what I’m talking about.

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