I haven’t cut my hair in two years. I have had pretty short hair a few times in the past but since my secret life goal is to, in whatever small way possible, resemble Blake Lively, I have held back from cutting it. Let me emphasize how hard this has been. In the past four years or so my hair has been blonde, brown, brown with red highlights, blonde on top and brown on the bottom, long down my back, short up to my chin, and every length in between. I love changing my appearance. And since coloring or cutting my hair is the easiest and least permanent way to do that it is hard for me to go into the salon time after time and say with any enthusiasm that I want my hair the same color and not cut at all shorter than the obligatory fraction of an inch required to keep me from looking completely scruffy. But I did it!

…Until two days ago…

The “hack it all off” impulse set in literally just a few hours before my hair appointment. The decision was made definitive when I realized that my hair was long enough and the style I wanted was short enough to donate what I chopped off. Most organizations that take hair donations (Locks of Love, Wigs 4 Kids, Beautiful Lengths) don’t accept highlighted hair like mine. But I found Children with Hair Loss in a Google search a while back and they accept any chemically treated or even gray hair as long as it is in good condition and only require a minimum of 8 inches of hair to donate. They are a smaller non-profit in Michigan that makes wigs for kids with all sorts of medical conditions (undergoing chemotherapy, hair loss from alopecia, etc.) and gives them away for free.

So “hack it all off” I sure did.

Before. Not immediately before but you get the idea.

Before. Not immediately before but you get the idea.

After. By this point my hair is halfway to Michigan – along with my dreams of having hair like Blake Lively.

I like my new hair, but separation anxiety has already begun to set in. This is also one of very few decisions I have made in recent months where I did not first deeply take my race training into consideration. I have pretty much no idea what to do with this when I exercise to keep it out of the way. Any suggestions from fellow short-haired runners are appreciated!

Cheers to spontaneity!


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