Oooooo gimme!

Lately I’ve had the nagging urge to shop for clothes. This is surely a common mindset among the female population. But my current urge is not for high heels or pretty printed dresses but instead for dry-fit fabrics in every color. This is surely a common mindset among the female runner population.

Reflecting on past training schedules, I think I always start pining over new workout gear at about this time – when a race is fast approaching and my running obsession is on a major up-swing. Sadly, this time the itch is setting in at a time when I am trying to tighten my belt financially.

I made my first major “adult” investment a few weeks ago. I took a leap and bought a new (well, new for me at least) car. I love and miss my old car – affectionately known as Optimus Prime – but he is close by and in good hands because Jeremy decided to buy him from me. My new Chevy Cruze and I are still getting acquainted but I think we are going to get along VERY well.

Isn't she pretty? Any suggestions of names for her are welcome.

Isn’t she pretty? She is yet to be named, but I know it’s a girl since the hands-free command voice that tells me what to do is clearly female. Any suggestions of names for her are welcome.

So, although I am by no means short on cash, I am trying to do the responsible adult thing and get a good grip on this new financial obligation in the first few months by doing little things like packing/cooking more meals from home and spending less on things like clothes that I probably don’t need.

But just because I can’t buy new workout clothes right now doesn’t mean I can’t longingly shop online and contemplate maybe buying them later… right?

I really don’t like wearing long pants and shirts when I run. I do it only because I am freezing at the start of a winter or early-morning spring/fall run. But once I get going and warm up, I almost always regret wearing anything more than shorts and a t-shirt. It’s obnoxious to be sweating profusely in a long sleeved shirt mid-run and have absolutely no way of getting rid of it. This problem is exponentially more frustrating during a race when the safety pinned race number practically dooms you to live with whatever outer layer you choose at the starting line for the entire race.

This problem would be forever solved with some Oiselle arm warmers. The reviews on them are great. Apparently they work well on skinny arms like mine and are warm but not too thick. They also have thumb holes which I am convinced is the best invention in comfy-clothing history. They are a little pricey at $30 but Oiselle makes a good product and if it means I am able to wear a tank top to a race starting line at 7 AM in the fall, so be it.

They have thumbholes. THUMBHOLES!

They have thumbholes. THUMBHOLES!

I’ve also been contemplating another pair of comfy compression shorts for yoga and possibly even for running if I can find a pair that isn’t so short and tight that they make me butt-concious. Compression shorts are a challenge because I can’t stand them being so compressiony that they give me massive muffintop and muffinthighs and ride up to no end. Not cute. I think the trend lately is toward wider, more properly fitting waist bands which solves a whole slew of problems.

I love these shorts, also from Oiselle, but they are much more than I think I am willing to pay without even being able to try them on. I may compromise with some Nike Pro Compression shorts which are a more reasonable $25 and come in tons of colors.

They even have a handy zipper pocket. If they weren't $40 I would be all over it.

They even have a handy zipper pocket. If they weren’t $40 I would be all over it.

All sorts of pretty colors to choose from like purple, light blue, and teal. Fun.

All sorts of pretty colors to choose from like purple, light blue, and teal. Fun.

Anyone else find shopping for running gear even more exciting than shopping for “normal” clothes. Who am I kidding, for me running clothes are normal clothes.

Happy Tuesday!


One thought on “Oooooo gimme!

  1. Buying running clothing is one of life’s rare treats, it comes in colours you wouldn’t wear in normal life and you need vests/t shirts/long sleeves/shorts of various lengths and more recently cosy tops to run in and bandanas or a hat for the cold – I love it!
    I’ve recently spent proper money on some running clothes rather than just cheap and cheerful and they’re lovely, material is so soft and wicking, oh it’s great!
    Treat yourself, you deserve it after being so brave to make that grown up purchase 😉

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