A good goood gooood weekend

I’ve been doing a little bit of everything this weekend exercise-wise. And a whole lot of nothing everything-else-wise. It’s been nice to get caught up on sleep, relaxing, and chores with some great workouts mixed in.

Saturday I had a terrific 7 mile training run. I feel a lot more confident now about possibly being able to meet my half marathon goal. My pace (though still above my goal) was strong and I was often running at an 8 or sub-8 minute mile pace, even during my last mile. I’m excited to know I am on the right track!

Today I got some of my pesky household chores, like grocery shopping, done early and was able to go to the gym for a short crosstraining/weight training endeavor and then ALSO go to Arrichion for a hot yoga class. I couldn’t keep my balance worth a crap in almost any pose today but it still felt great to give it a good amateur try and sweat like crazy for an hour straight in the process.

A real solid workout weekend… which makes me feel even better about drinking this beer…


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