Half marathon training and a return to the yoga mat

Excuse the boring title. I am not feeling fantastically creative today.

So half marathon training commenced a while ago. I am now on week 4. It is going well so far… I think. It’s obvious to me that I am getting much more aware of my pacing and that the interval and tempo runs built into my schedule are helping me to get faster. Still, I feel like I am so far away from being to maintain my goal pace for longer distances. I don’t think that my goal is overly ambitious either. I am shooting for a few minutes faster than my overall time on my last PR and that means shaving just over 20 seconds per mile off my pace. With over 8 weeks to go, I suppose I just need to trust that I am on the right track and keep following my schedule.

I have also returned to hot yoga classes after a several month long hiatus. I figured it would be a good time to dust off my neglected mat. My body is bound to be desperate for the extra flexibility boost while I am doing all this running and luckily Living Social ran another deal on classes at my favorite studio. Even though the first few classes back have been a bit of a struggle I have definitely missed it. Nothing like being soaked in sweat from head to toe to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something!

That’s all for now. Perhaps there will be some more exciting posts later this week! Happy end-of-Wednesday!


One thought on “Half marathon training and a return to the yoga mat

  1. 8 weeks to go is plenty of time to gain some speed (at least I hope…that’s about how long I have until my next goal race!). Enjoy your yoga!

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