BFF boot camp

My amazing friend Lauren (known fondly as Jolly), is engaged to a great guy (I definitely approve) and is gearing up for her wedding in October. Jolly is an amazing photographer starting her own business and everyone should check out her website and blog here… and then hire her to take all your pictures.

As part of my bridesmaidly duties Jolly asked me to help her get in stellar wedding shape over the next several months. Really it’s not a duty at all – I was completely psyched when she asked me to do this. I’ll also mention that Jolly is among those blessed with an excellent metabolism and is already gorgeously skinny. But, understandably, she wants to tone up to feel extra confident in her dress for the big day.

Today, Jolly and I met at Planet Fitness to go over the starter plan I put together for her. The schedule is three days a week – a day each to focus on arms, legs, and chest. The plan also calls for cardio and ab work all three days. After a month or so I hope to change up her routine to avoid a plateau so she can see great results all the way until she walks down the aisle.

I had an amazing time putting this plan together and working through it at the gym with Jolly. I am super excited to see the results! In an alternative life, I’m pretty sure I had a calling as a personal trainer.


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